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Back in 2018 BANG BANG FIRECRACKER dropped their Debut album. This received fantastic reviews and has since secured a slot at one of the UKs largest 4 day festivals; HRH Spring break in March 2022. The band are about to drop their EP ‘See Evil’ which is now available to stream.

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Strange Souvnirs – ‘Nothing2’

Strange Souvenirs blend influences from 80s new wave, 90s trip hop & shoegaze, post-millennial electronica & indie with science fiction soundtracks, video games and nuggets of nerd culture into a shizoid selection of danceable, delicate and disorienting songs.

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Bemende – FTSH’

Bemende is a Dutch- Congolese singer-songwriter based in the South-East. Her interest imusic began when her mother solicited her to start singing in church from an early age. From there, she part took in school talent shows as well as local festivals to showcase her vocal abilities. Being Congolese, growing up in multicultural neighbourhoods and having moved very often had exposed her to a multitude of genres such as RnB/Soul, Hip-Hop and House to which she draws inspiration from till this day. Bemende always had an interest for the arts and it was not until she moved from the Netherlands to the UK where she began to strongly express herself. She kept a diary, wrote poems to highlight how she felt. In addition to that she also learned how to DJ and make house music however, singing was her forte.

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The Lost Gecko – ‘I Can Hear Echoes’

Cork-based Modern Folk Trio, The Lost Gecko, return with the second single from their upcoming EP ‘Scatterbox’. Having first released the beautiful ‘Brothers’, now they present ‘I Can Hear Echoes’, complete with a striking music video.

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Ivy Ash – ‘Rain Again’

Originally from Warwickshire, Ivy Ash grew up in the Midlands before moving to London in her late teens and France in her early 20s. She may still be young, but Ivy Ash has plenty of experiences to recount and stories to tell. “I think I must have been at least 22 before it felt like life wasn’t one big uphill struggle. Even so, I value every experience I’ve been through, good or bad, because it’s made me who I am today.” As a supporter of positive mental health, Ivy started to make music as a way of expressing her struggles and overcoming anxiety. “I hope my music helps others to find their true voice and confidence. Even if my work resonates with just one person, it makes it all worthwhile.”

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Joseph Reuben

Joseph Reuben has battled against the odds to commence his solo career. He first came to attention several years ago with his soulful take on Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. But just as he began to build traction, he required emergency surgery which resulted in the devastating news that he may never sing again. Instead he channelled his talents into a successful vocation as a score composer for film, TV, theatre and ballet. But after years of gruelling vocal rehabilitation, Joseph is now able to step back into the spotlight and focus on his long overdue solo work.

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James Leonard-Hewitson – ‘Commercial Vibe’

Hartlepool singer-songwriter James Leonard-Hewitson shares his new single ‘Commercial Vibe’, his first new music since the acclaimed 2020 debut album ‘Only The Noise Will Save Me’. Having entered the music industry through playing as a session trumpeter for Frankie and The Heartstrings on their UK tour with The Charlatans in December 2015; James stylistically draws upon influences from a broad musical spectrum; from post-punk, brit-pop & indie-rock through to new-wave & classical to create his infectious, nostalgic take on lo-fi pop.

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Maxwell Varey – ‘Psycho’

A familiar name amongst the Manchester music scene, Wigan-born Varey spent the past 4 years gigging heavily across the city’s venues alongside his previous band before being forced to step away from live music by the UK lockdown. His latest single ‘Psycho’ will be released on Wednesday 28th July via all digital platforms.

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Sirocco – ‘Just the Ticket’

Indie rock quartet Sirocco are releasing their new single, Just the Ticket, off the back of their debut album release ‘A Day in the Life’ and latest single ‘Be My Saturday’ which, to date, has received over 2,200 streams and reached 5th on the UK physical charts.

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