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Cat Ryan – ‘Blessed Through The TV’

Previous single “Mannerism” saw Cat Ryan thrust into the spotlight, receiving critical acclaim from tastemakers such as When The Horn Blows, The Girls At The Rock Show, Indietronica and Yack Magazine, as well as being featured by Loud Women and Little Indie Blogs. They now return with their subsequent single “Blessed Through The TV” displaying genuine flair for creative instrumentation as well as clever lyricism.

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Andrew Cushin – ‘Waiting for the Rain’

During lockdown I’ve been trying to listen to as much new music as possible, it’s been a dream to just get out for a stroll and listen to new artists/bands and get into what they’re about through their tunes. It’s a good way to clear the mind in what has probably been the weirdest few months of our lives. 

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Oz has been a songwriter since her early teens, after her father’s passion for music inspired her immersion in the worlds of bold musicians like The Clash, Dolly Parton, No Doubt and Kate Bush. Her fascination with life’s rough edges is surely inspired by her youth spent in her family’s pizzeria in a pre-gentrified Soho.

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Clarice Herring – ‘Love & Leave’

Clarice Herring is a pop singer & lyricist from Manchester, her new song ‘Love & Leave’ is now available on all streaming platforms. Clarice excels in combining different music genres, with pop and alternative R&B styles as her main influences.

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Robert O’Connor – ‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’

Robert O’Connor new single “Over (Before It’s Begun)” is his third collaboration with electronic artist Skynem GT, and is now available to listen to on Spotify.

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Lime Juice ‘Quietude’

My love for indie music flourished back in 2005. It was the year when indie bands left their eccentric nests and provided the world with gangly guitar leads, feel-good melodies and mop head haircuts. Minus, the hairstyles, Lime Juice bring it all back. They have taken a sound which is immense and added their quality to make for a refreshing cocktail of all things fabulous.

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Tom Houston – ‘I Am The River (#33)’

The talented and skilled songwriter-artist Tom Houston is due to release his poetic song ‘I Am The River (#33)’ which will be released on July 31st.

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Junodream as they describe they are “all introverted and deeply cynical, a reflection of our self-deprecating humour. But we’re also very hopeful. We often find humour in the bleak and trivial, be it an argument in the car (Terrible Things), or getting barged in a nightclub and being too afraid to do anything about it (Limiter). There’s a whole universe to explore in these moments”.

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Hunger Moon – ‘Promises’

Birmingham born duo Hunger Moon’s captivating new single rides the waves formed by the duo’s 2018 debut single release ‘Oh Friend’, which garnered support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Rough Trade Records. The duo have a new single out called ‘Promises’ which is now available to listen to.

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