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AXLS consist of Vic, Chris and Conrad. They are an electronic trio formed in 2018 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Their music is an odyssey of electronica, cool synths, heavenly vocals and low-slung bass. They take influence from old school electro like Kraftwerk and The Human League, mixed with modern bands like CHVRCHES and LCD Soundsystem”.

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Callum McLean – ‘TIDES’

Callum McLean has recently released a new single ‘TIDES’ ahead of his new album ‘Acorn’ which is set to be released on the 6th November.

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Reilly James

Reilly James is an indie artist from Preston he is due to release a new single called ‘Games’ in November.

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China Bamboo – ‘Ambivalence (For You)’

It’s not often a I discover a new band and instantly love their music within seconds of hearing it, however, when I heard China bamboo for the first time I was instantly hooked. As soon as I pressed play and began to listen to ‘Ambivalence (For You)’ I was sold, the vocals and chilled sound instantly made me stop what I was doing and grabbed my attention.

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Robin Parlow – ‘Icecaps’

Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artists such as James Blake, The Velvet Underground, Radiohead, and FKA Twigs, Robin Parlow is an up-and-coming independent singer/songwriter and producer based out of Toronto, Canada. After quitting his desk job in February of 2020, Parlow embraced a DIY approach to music production, doing everything from recording, to beat-making, to mixing and mastering in his apartment, while the world closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Remayn ‘Coffee & Prozac’

Remayn is an emerging indie-folk singer/songwriter from Eastbourne, England. He began writing music at the age of 26 as a way of processing grief after several personal tragedies. Remayn has released a new single ‘Coffee & Prozac’ which is now available on all music platforms.

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Parachute Words – ‘Sunshine!!’

Parachute Words started from the bedroom recordings of Martino Gasparrini. Following the likes of Frankie Cosmos, Alex G and Car Seat Headrest, he began uploading albums on Bandcamp. Starting out with raw lo-fi home recordings, the band’s albums have improved with every release, leaving a trail of guitar indie rock albums in their wake. Based in London, the band has played several headline shows at The Victoria and The Islington. They have released a new single ‘Sunshine!!’ which is available to listen to on all music platforms.

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“You need to start a band with me!” solidified the beginnings of a line-up for Headshrinkers following singer, Garran Hickman meeting lead guitarist James Knott in their local pub. Affiliated by a shared music taste, a mutual determination to write great music and play live shows, they brought in bassist Xavier Al-Naqib, and drummer Scarlett to complete the line-up. Now with a new found sense of urgency and excitement, the newly formed band crafted a high-energy setlist and took to the stage.

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The Shed – ‘Runaway’

The shed is an eccentric duo with an eclectic taste of music, Josh and Tyro joined together during the Lockdown to create The Shed, an eccentric duo from London, with an eclectic taste of music.

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