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Lucky Iris – ‘Get Ready With Me’ Remix

Lucky Iris have recently released A EP ‘Turns out We Should Have Stayed at Home’,  the EP tells a story based on a night out gone wrong, where the protagonists regret ever having gone out in the first place and I think we can all relate to that from one of our nights out back when we were allowed to go out.

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Moon Wax – ‘Sayonara’

With thumping bass lines, flamboyant guitar riffs and outer space synth sounds, core members Billy Smith and Robb Maynard, who are rooted in soul and jazz, explore the world of the creative arts. The studio is heating up as the duo collaborates with various artists coming from all musical backgrounds and try and explore new niches within every track.

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MOY’s debut track ‘Start Me Up’ resulted in praise from DIY and the enigmatic young artist added to that early acclaim with the release of his second official single ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ last week which has had support from BBC Introducing and BBC Scotland.

The Glasgow-based New Zealander MOY wrote and recorded ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ at the height of lockdown. Like ‘Start Me Up’, MOY’s lyrics in ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ are intriguely offbeat. It’s eloquent, poetic and full of personality, yet it also possesses an ambiguity that opens up new ideas after repeated listens. Separated from his regular band, he discovered that collaborating on the track remotely was an unorthodox creative method given the live energy that’s usually key to their work together.

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Sustinere – ‘Early Grave’

From the heart of Chester comes a raucous rock duo delivering growling guitar tones and heavy hitting drums. Expect a contagious riff filled, high energy invitation to head bang. The dynamic duo have two EP and a single release under their belt receiving heavy radio play from BBC radio Wales. They have recently released a new single called ‘Early Grave’ which is available to listen to now.

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Meg Lawrenson – ‘Use My Body’

Meg Lawrenson is providing the goods here with ‘Use My Body’. She has a knack for coming up with innovative pieces, but this one takes her into a whole new direction. 

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Mazmere – ‘MBJDEBNRBM’

Bristol UK based indie band Mazmere have recently released their debut album ‘MBJDEBNRBM’. It is an album about the cycles of mental illness and recovery; the album is a deep and sometimes difficult look into the mind of singer/songwriter Jake Sinetos. Mazmere explain this process though cryptic lyrics and noisy intense soundscapes.

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Grace Davies – ‘Friends With The Tragic’

Singer-songwriter Grace Davies has recently released her debut EP ‘Friends With The Tragic’. The EP will be released alongside jubilant new single ‘Just A Girl’, a defiant anthem of female empowerment as well as a lesson in gender inequality. The accompanying visuals, reimagined in quarantine, were directed by award winning director Kate Cox (Nowness, Vogue) and attest as an intimate, fun, incarnation of the track.

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Speak Easy Circus – ‘Neon in Daylight’

Speak Easy Circus, an indie band based in Glasgow. Thick indie music played by funk and soul musicians. They have recently released our new single ‘Neon in Daylight’, which you can listen to on Spotify.

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Hailing from the Midlands, LOVEDAY blends alt-pop, lo-fi and electronic influences with lyrics that explore the growing pains of love, friendship, adventure and finding your place in the world. Her first breakthrough moment came when ‘Breathless (Like This)’ hit #1 at HypeM and was shared by The Chainsmokers. She organically developed her profile with subsequent releases including her debut EP ‘Temporal Experiment, No 1’ and remixes from Initial Talk (Dua Lipa, Perfume Genius) and Sofus Weine.

LOVEDAY’s open-minded passion for music has seen her engage in all kinds of other activities. She writes for other artists, has been a resident DJ at Leicester nightclub Mosh, and recently engaged in an unusual tech challenge for Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’. She competed in a head-to-head music battle with AI deep fake technology to see which of the two would deliver a stronger performance. Naturally she won – as judged by NME’s Jordan Bassett.

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