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Jack Valero

The Brighton-based singer-songwriter Jack Valero has established a first wave of acclaim with his debut single ‘Heaven Help Me’, which is out now. It has been championed by John Kennedy, who named it as his X-Posure Hot One on Radio X, while Chris Hawkins at 6 Music described it as being, “So good… What a beautiful thing.” ‘Heaven Help Me’ is the first song to preview Jack’s debut EP, which will follow later this summer.

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Set to commence his world tour in Australia this weekend, today Budjerah releases his highly anticipated second EP, Conversations via Warner Music Australia. The 20-year-old marks the release with his futuristic and resplendent

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Fyfe & Iskra Strings

Fyfe & Iskra Strings have previewed their upcoming album ‘Interiority’ by sharing eclectic recent tracks which have moved from haunting broken beats (‘<deletia>’) to soothing, cinematic splendour (the title track) to rousing dramatic elegance (‘Night Sky’). While all three songs possess an evident beauty, they today take a fresh leftfield turn with the new track ‘Purpose’ which features the two-time Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet.

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The Keystones – ‘You’re So Cold’

The Keystones, an up-and-coming four-piece rock outfit based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offer a bright, alternative sound with vocals led by brothers Jack and Matt Sherman.

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World Goes Round – ‘Great Talker’

With the release of “Great Talker,” World Goes Round gives us a remastered and updated version of their classic tune, which sounds as contemporary and relevant in 2022 as it did in 1989 when it was initially recorded. The tune oozes with elegance and emanates funk in a way that could only be achieved by being recorded in the 1980s. Marty Walsh’s jangly guitar and plucky bass make the beat eternally danceable. This song highlights the golden voice of WGR’s alternate lead vocalist, Elizabeth Lamers, singing lyrics about a person who can always talk their way out of any problem.

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ATTRITION was born in Coventry at the end of 1980… originally a post punk guitar/bass/drum line up it soon transformed into a more and more electronic band… and then later still took on classical influences in violas/cellos/violins… creating music from dark rhythmic electronic/industrial songs to more atmospheric soundtracks… we have released something like 30 albums to date and toured all over the world.

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Imen Siar

Newcomer Imen Siar is proof that greatness can be found in the most unlikely of places. The 23-year-old dreamed of a music career while working in Nando’s in South London, her only creative outlet being to post videos of her singing into a mop during breaks from work. Her talent was discovered by the New York label icons + giants, which had just been launched by two influential hitmakers Billy Mann & Benton James, whose previous credits include P!nk, John Legend and Supah Mario.

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Etoile Marley – ‘The Hunt’

The genre-bending songstress is opening 2022 with the first official single from her upcoming LOUVE album.

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Poison Oak

Can you tell us a bit about the band?

“We’re Poison Oak, we’re from North Queensland, Townsville, Australia. We play a mix if indie/alternative rock, with a bit of punk rock in the middle”.

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