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Gazelle @ O2 Academy Leicester

On Saturday 26th November the band played at Leicester’s O2 Academy. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band play live a few times in the past, they have never disappointed and Saturday nights gig was no exception.

The band have already created an impressive setlist with a mixture of tracks which are guaranteed to grab the crowd’s attention. The tracks showcase their versatility from acoustic ballads to brilliant bangers which got the Leicester crowd singing, dancing along and making it a Saturday night they won’t forget in a hurry.

The band instantly had the crowd bouncing around to the first few seconds of the first song they played. As well as playing the classic such as ‘Diamond High’ & ‘Guilt Trip Gun’ the band also played some of their new releases ‘Clementine’ & ‘Violet Hour Blues’ which all grabbed the crowd’s full attention and had them singing every word.

They ended the gig by playing one of my favourite tracks ‘Finger On The Trigger’, from opening drum beat and guitar riff the crowd went mental and were singing along to every word Ryan sang. Every time I hear the band play these two songs in seconds the crowd go mental, they seem to get more crazier with every time I hear them being played.

The track that stood out most to me has to be ‘Finger On The Trigger’ with its catchy riffs and relatable lyrics that makes it a fun and energetic song that is great to hear live, it’s also guaranteed to get the crowd singing along. It’s well written and is a treat to hear live and for me is one of the best songs the band have written.

The night was full of great music and a crowd that loved every second of the band being on stage playing their amazing tracks. It was also refreshing to hear a band that are not afraid to be a bit different to other bands. As well as watching the crowd enjoy every second it was also great to see the band enjoying themselves on the stage, it’s great to watch a band who can entertain the crowd and have a great connection on stage with each other.

Each time I see them live they seem to get better which you think would be impossible but they somehow managed to do it. They have a talent for song writing and to me they stand out from other bands around the Midlands, I’d go as far as to say they are the best band in the Midlands.

A great night full of great music from a talented band, this band mean business and I can see 2023 being a good year for them if they keep playing fantastic gigs like this one.


By Siân Parker


Ashley Stacey & The Morning Sun – ‘Do You Feel’

Ashley Stacey is an Indie Rock singer / songwriter from South East London. Ashley gravitates towards bands with renowned songwriters (The Beatles, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, The La’s, The Libertines, The Kinks) that paint pictures through musical poetry. This has seeped into his songwriting as demonstrated in the well-crafted lyrics, delivered via uplifting melodies & soaring choruses.

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How did you all meet?

Charles (CKRAFT’s bandleader): Hi there, thanks for having us today! I met most of these lovely people in Paris’ national conservatory (CNSM) where we were studying at the same time, except William our drummer who was at Berklee. I had met him earlier in my formative years, in a conservatoire in Metz (eastern France) and, already back then, he struck me as someone who could just play anything. Combining him with my Conservatoire friends created the magic that I was looking for to execute this music!

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Polygamy – ‘My House’

Polygamy are a 5-Piece alternative-rock band from Greater Manchester. The origins of Polygamy go back to front-person Adam Grealish and bassist Max Ritchie’s secondary-school days, where they would constantly be involved with new projects, keeping line-ups and sounds fresh. Assisted by multi-instrumentalist, Jake Thornley; drummer, Nathaniel Coop; and guitarist, Emily Bartholomew, the band – none of whom are over the age of 17 – reach the sonic maturity they strive for.

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We are Pressure from Sweden. We are doing what we call Story Metal, it’s kind of a subgenre of Heavy metal but we found out that we didn’t really fit in anywhere so we actually invented our own genre and style.

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‘Wake of Disarray,’ The New Album by Adam Giles Levy

British, singer-songwriter Adam Giles Levy returns more potent than ever with his new album, ‘Wake of Disarray.’

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Gazelle – ‘Arcadia’

Gazelle latest single ‘Arcadia’ is now available to steam on all music platforms.

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The New Consistent – ‘All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay’

Since his ascension in 2019, West Midlands based The New Consistent has carved out a niche as a rapper with a difference. His silky, bona fide delivery is matched with unique melodies and beats inspired by both modern UK and classic US Hip Hop. The latest EP ‘All Hopes Lost On The Shadowplay’ is available to stream on all music platforms.

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20-year-old newcomer Crybabyamy aims to normalise every kind of emotion through her pop-based music. She is writing, producing and singing her way to removing the shame that comes with being somebody who spontaneously bursts into tears at the worst of times – and we’ve all been there. Mixing influences such as SHY Martin, PVRIS, Gracey, Adele and Julia Michaels, her raw, emotive style will speak to fans of Holly Humberstone, Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.

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