The Tangents are a three-piece band from Nottingham consisting of guitarist and frontman Tom, bassist Kieran and drummer Angus. They are making huge waves in Nottingham’s music scene and are becoming a well respected indie rock band in and around Nottingham.

They have supported bands such as The Sherlocks and The Hoosiers and have played in various venues around the UK. Listening to them, you can hear a bit of an Artic Monkeys sound to their music with a punk edge to it.

Their music reminds me a lot of The Who, Artic Monkeys and The Jam, they have a unique sound like these bands have and you can hear the influence these bands have in The Tangents music.

Exciting and entertaining, The Tangents are a band to watch out for. They are definitely a band to see live if you have the chance, and who knows? They could be the next music success to come out of Nottingham.

The guys, Tom in particular, were also kind enough to answer a few questions I had. Check out the chat below:


How did you all first meet?

The Bassist (Kieran) and I met ten or so years ago at school and jammed to the likes of The Specials and The Kinks. I found out Kieran could play the guitar when I was looking for a bassist, so it seemed a natural choice. I met the drummer (Angus) at a recording session for a cover band he was in at the time. He never had any choice really, he was in at that point!

Who’s idea was it to start the band?

Mine initially. I was big into Oasis and The Jam and I could play the guitar. That naturally evolved into songwriting and so I started looking.

Where did the name The Tangents come from?

Angus! When we started, we played a gig as The Hooks. A load of our mates turned up and heckled us with pirate noises so we thought nah, need a better name. As for The Tangents – Angus was doing his Math’s GCSEs..

Where was the first gig you did as a band?

My aunt used to own a pub in Carlton where I’m from. She was very supportive and let us play there quite regularly.

How hard was it to get your music noticed?

Very hard! It’s tough trying to get your music out there because sometimes people just don’t want to know. And initially, we thought we were playing great stuff but the songs were poor. Once we started writing better material and doing better gigs we started getting noticed more – but we still have a long way to go.

How would you describe your music in three words?

Pretty heavy indie.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Many, many cigarettes and fist bumps.

What has been your favourite gig you have played?

It’s always the latest one as that is fresh in your mind and the adrenaline is still flowing. But really, our EP launch at The Bodega last year. It was mental.

What’s your favourite track to play live?

Again, it’s always the newest one haha! Currently I’m into a new track called Involved, but we all like to play Jaguar, Involved, and By The River.

Which was the hardest track to write?

Grown Up, the set closer. It’s so easy to spoil a song like that with an unnecessary solo. I spent a long, long time on the bridge.

Your track ‘Fall Apart’ is one of my favourite tracks of yours, what’s the story behind it?

We used to have another guitarist called George, who is now working in China and loving life. Anyway he’s been in a few bands and is an excellent songwriter. He wrote his verse and the chorus, gave it to me and literally went “another verse”. We spent a lot of time working out the guitars and harmonies.

Growing up who were your musical influence?

The Jam, Oasis, The Who, Artic Monkeys.

How old were you all when you started to play the instruments you play in the band?

I was about 14 when I picked up the guitar. Kieran only started playing bass when in the band. Angus has been playing since he was 7 or so.

What/who influenced you to start playing the instrument’s you play?

Pete Townshend doing windmill. Unbelievably cool.

If you could collaborate or go on tour with anyone who would it be?

Paul Weller!

Where would be your dream venue to play at?

Would have to be somewhere like Knebworth or Wembley.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Nail the couple of festivals we’ve got booked and do a mini tour. Back in the studio to record again and keep writing!

What advise would you give to a small band trying to make it?

Be sound. Play anywhere. Sell your stuff.

And finally.. can you name three bands/singers you’re currently listening to who we should check out.

The Ruffs, Amulet, Same Streets

By Siân Parker

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