The Fears Chella are a four piece band from Manchester consisting of guitarist and front man Andy, guitarist Chris, bassist Tom and drummer Ben. They are making huge waves in Manchester and beyond.

The guy’s, Andy in particular, were kind enough to answer a few questions I had.

Check out the chat below:


Where did the name Fears Chella come from? 
Oooooh, can’t tell you that one i’m afraid. People’s lives would be at risk.

How did you all first meet?
Me (andy, Vocals) and Tom (bass) have been best mates for years, I had some demos that i’d been working on and me and Tom were both digging them. We already knew Ben(Drums) from other bands we’d played with previously and Chris (Guitar) was Ben’s best mate so it was actually all really easy, and now because we all came to it as mates it’s always a really good vibe.

Which song was the most difficult to write? 
We pretty much write songs really organically, so if it’s not working we don’t try and force it – we just come back to it later. But i’d say ‘Cheater’, we ended up working the song a few different ways round before we really started to dig it I guess.

How hard has it been to get your music noticed?
Nowerdays it’s super hard. I mean, we’re lucky. We’ve got a great online following and our fans our wicked. But still, there’s just so many bands out there you’ve just got to try to be different than the others I guess!

Tell us a random fact about each band member.
Andy is mankind’s only hope against Donald Trump.
Tom built the shuttle that took men to the Moon.
Chris has slept with Taylor Swift, but who hasn’t?
Ben is actually an Aubergine

Describe Fears Chella in three words.
Sassy, Angsty, 90s

If you could play at any venue in the world where would it be and why?
I think the coolest shows to play are the super grotty little shows that are absolutely packed out and sweaty! But if anyone wants to stick us on some huge stage that’d be gnarly thanks.

If you could go on tour with any band/artist who would it be and why?
Bands who are super chill and look like a laugh! In previous band we’ve played with Wolf Alice and they were really cool. Get us on a tour with Peace or Swim Deep or Catfish and the Bottlemen though!

Describe each band member in one word.
Andy – Broken
Chris – Diva
Tom – Sassy
Ben – Docile

What has been the best gig you have played?
Our first hometown show was unreal. There’s just something really special about having all the people that have backed you forever coming to support us doing what we love

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
At the moment we’re in talks to get a debut EP produced and released. We want to get out and just play loads though, so we’re just working on getting loads of shows booked in. Our next show coming up is support All Tvvins at the Sugarmill in Stoke on October 14th

If Fears Chella had to be remembered for one thing what would it be?
Being the biggest band in the world haha, that would be a nice one.

What is a typical day/week like for you?
Pretty busy! I work as a producer in a studio. But we literally hang out as a band pretty much all the time. If we’re not jamming at our lockup we’re probably around someone’s house just chilling. I think our other mates must get really sick of us talking about our band all the time though!

Do you have a pre-show ritual?
We try to just have like a few minutes to just chill before hand, but usually we’ve lost someone and we’ve got a sound guy who’s like “You need to be on in 2 minutes” and we’re like “oh shit, where’s Ben?”. That’s usually our ritual!

What’s advise would you all give to a small band that were trying to make it?
Just literally never stop doing what you love. Everyone is basically going to say no to you for everything. You just need to constantly not give a shit when that’s what you get. Because there are thousands of other bands doing exactly what you’re doing right now. So you need to totally love what you do and believe in it!

What do you think makes you stand out from the other bands?
I don’t know really. We just try and be super honest about what we are and what we’re trying to do. We write songs we would want to listen to. I’ve seen way too many bands trying so hard to be something and someone they’re not and I just guess that people see right through that.

Do you have any funny/interesting gig stories you can share with us?
On our first gig Ben basically knocked my amp off a stage that was about four foot high flat onto the floor. It made the hugest thud ever and we were all pissing ourselves but I was crying on the inside.

What has been the most random thing a fan has done to you or at a gig?
Our first show was in Manchester and it was weird because when we played all these people we’d literally never met showed up. Like 30/40 people and they’d just found us online, heard our music and came to see us and we’d never met them before! They wanted pictures and stuff with us and it was just super cool that straight at the start we had those fans!

If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of you life what would you pick and why?
My first would be My Love is Cool by Wolf Alice because it’s just an album full of killer songs, it’s my favourite albums of like the last 5 years easily. Second would be In Love by Peace, again it’s just got so many amazingly well written songs on it and I just remember listening to it and being just in total awe really. Third i’m gonna say that i’ve been listening to Spring Kings album loads recently and it’s just great to see a band making a proper record again, it’s just a really refreshing album. Major I should throw a classic album in there but how cliche would that be?

Final question if you could write a song or collaborate with any band/artist who would you pick and why?
Well there’s loads of wicked bands around at the moment i’m really into: JAWS, Darlia, Blossoms, Peace, Swim Deep, I could go on and on. But probably a band that are doing different sorts of things with sounds like The 1975, Slaves or get Kate Bush to come work with us, that’d be wicked!

By Sian Parker