For The Girl are a 5 piece indie pop rock band from Mansfield. They consist of singer Sam, drummer Nathan, bassist Jimmy and their two guitarists Isaac and Josh. 

In July FTG released a new EP titled ‘Shark attack’, the EP so far has been a great hit, the song ‘Where Did Time Go’ receiving over 3500 listens on Spotify. 

My personal favourite from the EP is ‘Raise a Glass’, which I’d describe as a care-free love song for the younger generation. The song includes lyrics that relate to running away with someone you love and how that experience can introduce feelings of intimacy and excitement, as young love is often a turbulent but enticing journey. The tempo is integral to the success of the song, as the fast tempo suggests how feelings can be daunting but moments like the ones described in the song are very ‘Carpe Diem’-like and show how young people live their lives on the edge of their seats. 

The song ‘Breathe’ has a very different style to it compared to the other 4 songs on the EP. This song adopts a slower, more acoustic feel with haunting sounds introducing the song, which break into the band playing together. ‘Breathe’ showcases the singers voice, as this is the element we focus on the most, as well as the guitar riffs in the singer’s breaks. 

Each song in this EP collaborates together to create a collection of funky, fun loving, carefree songs that will put a smile on your face. 

Overall, the EP is well-executed by all band members and shows promises of a lot of talent. It’s a very successful first EP for a young band and I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll heard from them. 

I look forward to what’s to come and hope they keep their energetic style. 

By Alice Broome

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