Watch out Nottingham there is a new talented singer about! her name is Georgie Rose. A singer and guitarist from Mansfied, Georgie first picked up a guitar at fourteen and was hitting the open mic circuit in Manfield a year later. By the age of sixteen she was writing her own music.

Her first single ‘Company of Thieves’ was released back in September. I absolutely love the single, it reminds me of early 60’s rock n roll. If you haven’t already listened to it you need to you wont be disappointed. If you get the chance to see this incredibly talented young girl go for it! you wont be disappointed.
Georgie was lovely enough to answer a few questions before she supported Blossoms at Leicester’s o2 Academy. .
Who were your music idol as a kid?
Growing up there weren’t really many artists on the radio that I could relate to. It was stuff like Girls Aloud or whatever so Elvis Presley was definitely my first real idol, probably one of the main reasons I picked up a guitar too.
How old were you when you started to learn to play the guitar?
I was about 14 I think. I wrote my first song a few weeks later.
Which of your songs was the most difficult to write?
Good question, I don’t think any song that’s real and authentic is hard to write as it isn’t forced. Sometimes the music side of it can take a while to get right. But I can’t say any of the songs have been hard to write.
How hard was it to get your music noticed?
It takes work and time like anything. It’s still early days and essentially I’m still trying to get my music out there. But yeah I enjoy it,so it’s no real struggle. I played 200 gigs before I got signed and wrote a ton of tunes so I put all my time into it growing up.
Your song ‘Company of Thieves’ is my favourite song of yours, can you tell us what it’s about and how you came to write it?
Thanks, well the song is quite direct and personal. But really it’s not a break up song. It’s a defiant song coming out of something stronger and noticing those things that you should avoid in the future.
Describe your music in three words.
Hmm ‘got some tunes’! I don’t know haha
Who has been your favourite person you have toured with so far?
Jake Bugg was amazing.
If you could play at any venue in the world where would it be and why?
Brixton Academy was always one but I’ve done that with Jake so I can tick that one off. Maybe a headline show there one day. Also Red Rocks in Colorado, I would LOVE to play there.
If you could tour with any artist or band who would it be and why?
That Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders tour looks pretty beastly wouldn’t mind being on that. I’d love to tour with Kings Of Leon too, I think that would be fun. Great band with huge tunes and gnarly guitar tones.
What has been the best gig you have played?
Dublin Olympia Theatre again with Jake Bugg. That was a lot of fun, the crowd were amazing and the venue was beautiful.
What are your plans for 2017?
More shows and more songs.
Do you have a pre-show ritual?
I have this drink which is lemon and hot water but with whisky in it and listen to some tunes. I don’t know if that’s a ritual though.
What is a typical day/week for you?
Well the best kinda week is on tour but if I’m not doing that I’m writing songs and going to the pub
What do you think makes you stand out from other artist?
Haha ermm I have a whisky holder on stage – I haven’t seen that yet. I think a female playing a telecaster, that’s hard to find these days too.
Do you have a funny/interesting gig story you can share with us?
I was playing YNOT festival on the BBC introducing stage and my keyboard player at the time walked off half way through a song to go to the toilet. He’s not in the band now haha
What has been the most random thing a fan has done at one of your gigs?
Someone asked me to marry them haha I was like erm, not today my friend!
If you had to be remembered for one thing what would it be?
Just inspiring and touching people with my music. I think being a songwriter and a singer is a real gift and it’s our duty to make people have these special moments with music and for them to relate and feel something from it. All the people I love, that’ why I remember them.
If you could give advise to a singer just starting out what would it be?
Write songs and play shows all the time. Keep at it. Don’t give in easily cos it’s not all plain sailing but neither is life but it’s always enjoyable.
By Siân Parker