A three piece Indie Rock n Roll band from Nottingham made up by Tom White (Vocals/Guitar), Angus Bates (Drums) and Jack Boylan (Bass).

I’ve been lucky enough to see these guy’s live before at their gig in Leicester last year and I liked what I heard, before I went to see them live last year I had heard a few of their songs and quickly became a fan. I went to see these guys in at their home town gig at The Bodega, like at the previous gig I went to I met up with the band before the gig and had a catch up with them.

Kicking off their set with ‘Forever More’ its catchy guitar riff quickly got the crowd drawn in and singing along to every word of its upbeat delivery. What is instantly obvious when watching these guy’s perform is their endless energy which fuels the crowd. As well as playing the usual tracks they also played a few new ones such as ‘Jaguar’ and ‘Time Bomb’, both fast and energetic tracks they went down well with the crowd. I usually have to listen to a new track a few times before I really get into it but I didn’t have to with these tracks they got me tapping along straight away.

Half way through the gig they did a cover of The Kinks ‘All Day & All Of The Night’ with their special guess Ian who was their previous Bass player. It had me and my friend dancing and singing along, it’s up there with one of the best covers I’ve heard live. For me where the band really shine is with their tracks ‘In your pocket’ it gets the crowd going within a few seconds, its catchy drum beat and guitar riff at the beginning, topped off with some cracking bass playing and vocals by Tom makes it a crowd favourite. ‘Grown Up’ is another one which stands out, its slow start at the beginning and vocals by Tom makes the crowd stop and listen to each word Tom sings, it then builds up into a track you can’t help but dance along to. They really know how to get the crowd going and honestly you need to see these guys live to witness how good they really are.

My friend who went to the gig with me had never seen the guy’s live before but she was impressed with what she heard, safe to say she is now a fan and has already told me she is going to see them again on their tour. As always I wasn’t disappointed with what I heard, seeing them live again proved that they can perform and have a knack for song writing. It was great to see them perform in their hometown as well, the room was packed full of their friends and family which made the gig even more special. Me and my friend got to speak to the lads mums and they were lovely, Tom’s mum even got the lads to sign a poster for us. They are a great bunch of lads who looked after us as well from giving me and my friend a free ticket to buying us drinks they are a great lads.

These guys are making waves in Nottingham’s music scene, they are entertaining, exciting and gutsy. I can see these guys going far if they carry on the way they are going and who knows they could be the next music success to come out of Nottingham, don’t take my word for it though go and see them live on their tour which they will be announcing soon.







By Siân Parker


Set list:

Forever More

3 Stripes

She Won’t Tell Me Her Name

That Bird Had Flown

In Your Pocket


All Day & All Of The Night


Come On!


Time Bomb

Grown Up