Five piece band The Flavells are a Rock n Roll band from Nottingham. They are a new band to the scene but they are looking very promising. The guys were kind enough to let me interview them as they did a rehearsal, here’s what Billy and Grant from the band had to say.
How did the band start?
Billy – “It was just me and Grant that started it, Grant kind of taught me bits on the guitar we then ended up jamming a lot and then a few songs came about from that. We then got Sam in on Bass and then Camron came in later on drums and Ashley who is not here tonight.”
Billy – “When I first met Ashley I didn’t know much about him but he records a lot of his own songs. He records everything himself which was good as when you’re in a band its handy to have someone who knows how to record stuff as you spend a lot on recording your stuff, it’s also better to record the stuff ourselves as we know what we want it to be like.
What has been the most difficult song to write?
Grant “There’s not really one they have all been difficult to write in their own ways, we’ve got a few new tracks in the pipe line and some of them have been difficult to finish but there’s not really one that stand out as being the most difficult to write”.

What is your favourite track to play live?
Grant – “I’d say it has to be ‘NO NO NO’”
Billy – “I like ‘Head Strong’ and so do the other lads but no one has really heard that one yet”
You have an EP out already called ‘No No NO!’
Grant “Yeah which is out on ITunes and Spotify”
Is there any more EP’s planned for this year?
Grant “We have a single we are finishing off at the moment so that will be coming out soon then hopefully we will be working on releasing another EP soon”
What is the music scene like where you are from?
Grant – “We are all from Cliffton in Nottingham but the music scene around Nottingham is pretty good at the minuet, there are a lot of good bands around at the moment. There is a few bands around, The Ruffs are one we like”
What are your plans for the rest of 2017?
Grant – “Just to gig really we are playing Dot to Dot next month so that should be good but we also want to finish off recoding some more tracks.
Billy – “At the moment we are still recording and getting the songs tight as a band as we have only been going for three months as a full band but it’s blown up with gigs. Yeah like what Grant said we just want to get as many gigs in as possible and hopefully try and get a few more records out. The next one like we say is going to be a single then maybe release a four track EP again.
If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
Billy – “We have already collaborated with some on our EP she’s a cousin of mine she’s called Kate Auburn she’s really good. We got her to just give the backing vocals on the track a bit of a push and she’s a great singer. I wouldn’t myself like to collaborate with anyone famous really, we like to be different and that’s why we got Kate it to give it a bit of a different sound.”
So you say you’re playing at Dot to Dot is there any festivals you are playing at this year?
Grant – “We were a bit late getting into the festivals this year but we would like to do some probably next year, Splendor in Nottingham is one we are wanting to play.”
Is there any venues you want to play in?
Grant – “We like the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham that’s a venue we would like to play”
Billy – “We’ve only ever played in the small room in there so we would like to play in the big room there.
Is there any goals you have set as a band?
Billy – “We want to get more people on board that’s are main aim, we all love being in a band and performing I mean we don’t want to get massively famous that’s not our sort of thing”
Grant – “That’s a lie we want to get massive” – The band laugh
What has been your favourite gig so far?
Grant “We played Rough Trade for Dean Jackson BBC Introducing”
Billy – “That was a great gig”





By Siân Parker

Band Members

Billy Kennedy – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Grant Bugg – Guitar

Ashley Wood – Guitar/Harmonies

Sam Beeson – Bass guitar

Cameron Pridgeon – Drums