I met up with Short Weekends at The Bodega before their EP Launch. James Cahill introduced me to the rest of the band and we had a little chat before we sat down to do the interview.

How did you first meet?
James Bowler – “School really”
Camron – “The band started with just James Cahill, Tom and James Bowler doing Green Day Covers, we all then started to go to this Saturday rehearsal thing and from there on me and Warren joined”

Who inspired you to want to be in a band?
Camron – “That would be James, Tom and James”
Warren – “I though you was going to say Green Day”
Camron – “Oh yeah Green Day, at first we were a Green Day cover band we were obsessed but we have moved on from that now!”
Warren – “Yeah we all love Green Day and we have played ‘Nuclear Family’ at least 100 times in one week”

What should be expect from tonight’s gig?
James Cahill – “A few cheeky surprises”
Camron – “A cover or two”
James Cahill – “Or three”
Camron – “A lot of guitar bashing and hopefully people dancing that would be very nice, we’ve got a new tune as well we will be playing as well”

Any funny or interesting gig stories?
James Cahill – “You answered your phone during our gig at Lord Roberts”
Tom – “Yeah hello grammar you alright yeah I doing a gig I’ll ring you back later”
The band laugh
James Cahill – “That was funny”
Warren -“Once we had these two really high people at Derby, there was no one watching us we were playing to an empty crowd and these two people just came in and stared dancing. They had the longest hair I have ever seen but they were mental they made us feel famous though and they were having the time of their life”
James Cahill – “Until their train came”
Warren – “We were playing at acoustic rooms and there was this drunk guy that kept saying occur and we did it three times just for him. It was pretty fun and he was a nice man he didn’t want us to leave”

What has been your favourite gig?
James Cahill – “This one”
Camron – “Yeah this one even though we haven’t played it yet but before this one I’d say
Warren – “Wemberly that was pretty good”
The band laugh
Camron – “The Bodgea with Paper shop Dave that was good”
Warren – “You remember yet again in Derby all them football fans came?”
Camron – “Oh yeah and also we played after a Derby match on a Saturday, the door guy didn’t turn up so it was free entry so all these football fans came in it was packed but it was amazing”

Any new singles or EP’s coming out soon?
James Cahill – “Nothing planned yet but hopefully after this we need to get back to writing and get recording again”

What is your favourite song to play live?
Camron – “I’m going to go for Make it easy, it’s our latest one out on our EP”
James Cahill – “Probably I miss you I like that one”
James Cahill – “James what’s your favourite song?”
James Bowler – “By us?”
James Cahill – “Yes”
James Bowler – “The Garden”
Warren – “I guess my favourite song would be… that’s a hard question… I’m going to say The Garden or I miss you I can’t choose”
Tom – “I think my favourite is The Garden as well”

Any other gig’s you have got planned for this year?
James Cahill – “We cant say anything yet but we have a few planned we just can’t announce them yet”

What are the plans for the rest of 2017?
Camron – “Keep on gigging and more EP’s that’s it really”

If Short Weekends had to be remembered for one thing what would you like it to be?
Camron – “A great band atmosphere and everyone enjoying it I don’t care so longs everyone enjoys themselves”
James Cahill – “Same as what Camron said really”
James Bowler – “I want to be famous really badly”
Tom – “I think just I wanted to be remembered for the band that was mad to watch perform live”
Warren – “I think I want to be remembered like one of them songs that get stuck in your head all day and it gets annoying but good”

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
Camron – “Sleaford Mods that would be funny”
James Cahill – “I’m going to say probably Two Door Cinema Club”
James Bowler – “High Tied”
Tom – “Stormy because his collaboration with Ed Sheeran is sick”
The band laugh
Warren – “I strongly disagree with you Warren, I would love to collaborate with Bruno Mars because he so talented and I want to really meet him to see how small he is in real life”

Any information you want to give out?
Camron – “Follow us on our social media accounts for gigs dates and listen to our EP”
Warren – “We’ve recently been verified on Spotify”
James Cahill – “Yeah that’s a big deal to us”

By Siân Parker