Cable and the Bay a three-piece band from the Wirral in Liverpool made up by Jonny, Leon and James. A new band to the scene with bags of talent and who have a slightly different sound to other bands. The guys were kind enough to do an interview with me half an hour after releasing their demo ‘Games People Play’, after a few technical issues with setting up their phone the guys were ready to answer a few questions.

How did you meet?
Jonny – “Tinder”
The band laugh
Jonny – “Me and James were mates at school… we are not anymore”
James – “Yeah we’re not anymore”
Jonny – “Leon was Tinder”
Leon – “I thought it was Grinder”
James – “It could have been, we were mutual friends with a few people and Leon had been in some bands who we had seen”
Leon – “Yeah I was in some tacky disco band and Jonny kind of saved me”
Jonny – “I didn’t even know James could play the drums, I know he had a drum kit but I hadn’t heard him play until he joined the band and he’s actually quite good”

How supportive have your family been?
James – “They have been very supportive and it’s helped a lot really especially from recent gigs, every single one we’ve had at least 6 friends or family members come along which always help”
Leon – “It’s like with the studio thing”
James – “Yeah we don’t have a studio to practice in we just use my house which is luckily next to two deaf families”
Jonny – “Which is handy as we play it quite loud”

Where do your ideas for songs come from?
James – “It’s normally a word or phrase I like and from that I get a mental picture of a scene from that I think of words that are associated with that picture, I then try to make lyrics from them words”

Can you tell us a bit about the new single?
Jonny – “It came out on the 5th June, we started working on it the week before it was released. We had a week off and completely scraped all the work we had done since last October apart from two or three songs. We started from scratch and did it all in a week”
Leon – “Every band in Liverpool sounds the same so we wanted to be different and I think it’s more fanatic”
Jonny – “We got a few words in the song from a book written by Eric Berne’s which is called ‘Games People Play’, we then recorded it all on an IPad”
The whole thing?
Jonny – “Yeah we have some software on the IPad we use and we just did it like that which is our favourite way to work. When you’re in a studio it’s a bit harder to have control over it”
Leon – “Unless you have the freedom to be in a studio all week and we haven’t”
James – “Also with how much we have changed as a band it’s hard to release singles quick enough if you do it in a studio”
Leon – “With their only being three of us it makes it easier to get together and prefect each track doing it the way we do”
Jonny – “It’s a weird way to do it but it works for us”

What is the music scene like around where you live?
Jonny – “We are from the Wirral in Liverpool, there’s nothing around to help I mean we have The Coral but that’s the only band I can think of that were from around here. The music scene around Liverpool is disappointing they have clubs but that’s it”
James – “It’s mainly set up for cover bands that have been going for a few years. Purely because they bring their mates along and they will have a few pints at the bar so they spend money at the venue. There is no time for younger bands really”
Jonny – “There is no inspiration around not like what we use to have like Oasis etc. We only had in our teenage years which is from 2013 to now the end of Kasabian and Artic Monkeys, I say the end of Kasabian I mean we wasn’t around when LSF came out etc. Our introduction into music was really Kasabian 48:13 and Artic Monkeys AM. This decade has been disappointing really something has got to change. There is the money to invest in bands but to us it just seems like record labels are wary of spending money to sign new acts, with the decline in music and such they seem to only be interested in established acts as they’re safe investments for them”
James – “It’s the same with music venues though, there is a few little venues around that help small bands but trying to branch out into bigger venues even like the 02 Academy’s it’s not easy”

Any funny or interesting gig stories you can share with us?
James – “What have we got lads”
Jonny – “We were at this battle of the bands contest in Liverpool, the stage was tiny and had been set up so the drum kit was right behind me. There was not a lot of space to move and I move around quite a lot when I’m on the stage and I don’t look where I am going”
James – “He bumps into me quite a lot”
Jonny – “Yeah I’m constantly saying sorry to James after the gig anyway halfway through on of last songs I went and sat on the side of the stage as James did is solo bit, I then ran back on and tried to get back in time before the words came back in as I did I tripped over the bass mic, I tried to kick it back in but it wasn’t having it. At the end, we went over to the sound engineer and asked if he seen what happened and he said he did but thought it was part of the act”
James – “There is another one where before a gig we got together at Jonny’s house and we had chips for tea, there were loads left over. We sat playing the set and Jonny’s French Bulldog came in”
Jonny – “We fed him some chips and James said ‘I hope he isn’t sick on your pedal board’ because we had all the equipment out getting it all ready for the gig and 5 seconds after James said that the dog was sick on my pedal board”                 Jonny – “We got kicked out of a gig in Manchester at an unspecified bar. Man Made were playing with Johnny Marr and we were dead miffed. We’d brought a couple of demo CDs along to chuck on stage, but ended up giving them to this bloke outside who we got talking to after being chased out the place. Turns out he was the promoter of the show, and he runs a few stages at festivals, he loved the demo and offered us a slot at Kendal Calling this summer”

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?
Leon – “A lot more song writing and try and do more gigs”
James – “We have got our first headline gig on the 7th July so before then it’s just getting our set perfect and looking further ahead at other gigs”
Jonny – “After that just build it from there”
James – “We want to try and get more gigs outside of Liverpool as well”

If the band had to be remembered for one thing what would you like it to be?
Jonny – “I’d say for good songs, like ones you can listen to 20 years down the line and not get sick of hearing”
James – “For me as well I want to be remembered for the lyrics something they can look into a bit more and connect with”

They are a band to keep an eye out for, if you get the chance to see them live then go and you will get to see for yourself how good they really are.