A four-piece Indie-Rock band from Nottingham made up by Josh Hart (Guitar & Vocals), Will Lomas (Lead guitar), Kian Irwin (Bass & Vocals) and Joe Newton (Drum). They have been described as “Pure British Indie style with a fresh and youthful sound.
Josh from the band was kind enough to take time out and answer some questions, here is what he had to say.

How did you meet?
“Me and Joe were in a band before which didn’t last long at all, we didn’t get anything recorded or anything like that. We started to look for members straight away and after months of looking we got desperate and went onto a website called Join my band, we ended up finding Will on there who happened to be one of my best mate’s cousin and he brought Kieran along because he had been looking to join a band for ages”

How supportive have your close friends and family been?
“Very, I think we had one gig where there has been no one there for us but it always helps to know they are in the crowd. We had one gig in Derby the other week and we were a bit worried that there will be no one there because it was right in the middle of exam season and on a Monday night, I text a few of my mates and we ended up getting about 10 of the lads down. It’s nice to know they are there, we like to break songs down and I try to get the crowd clapping along which doesn’t always work but it’s good to have family or friends in the crowd that you know will clap along”

Who inspired you to want to be in a band?
“For me it was The Libertines and Pete Doherty mainly, I wasn’t into music that much growing up I use to listen to stuff that was in the charts and that was it, I had this mate who I thought was weird at the time because he liked all these bands I had never even heard of. He told me to check out Pete Doherty and I remember googling him and thinking what a weirdo. Then my mate told me he had a ticket going for Hyde Park so I basically pretended to like them and told him I would go with him. The more and more I listened to them the more I started to understand it and when I went to see them at Hyde Park I though this is what I want to do, I got a guitar the next month and I’ve never looked back”

You are in the process of making an EP can you tell us more about it?
“It’s been in the making for ages for months we have been saying we are going to get an EP done, we hate the demos we have now so we can’t wait to get some proper recording done. We start recording the first week of July and that’s when we are going to have to pick what songs go onto the EP. It’s all unofficial at the moment but we have sorted when we are going to record it and as for releases date hopefully it will be sometime in August”

What is the music scene like in Nottingham?
“I’d say Nottingham is pretty good for bands coming up, venues like The Maze are great we just dropped them an email when we first wanted to start getting gigs and they got straight back to us and put us straight on that platform. The Maze is great everyone from around Nottingham has played there it’s such an important venue. I think a lot of other places it would be tougher to do that, it does get harder though to get into bigger venues like we have only just managed to get a gig at The Bodega which is good in a way as its something to aspire to. Nottingham is good though as it has quite a lot of good venues and pubs that are introducing live music now as well. What we have found as well is Derby is good as well for getting gigs, they have got some good underrated venues. We did a gig at the Vic Inn and we got over 100 people in there and it was brilliant”

Any funny/interesting gig stories?
“We supported a band called The Colliders who we did a lot of our early gig’s with, we turned up at the venue at 4pm because they wanted us to help set up and there was no food on, we had been drinking all day as well and because we had no food it just went straight to our heads. We were not on until 10 pm and we were all a bit intoxicated by the time we got on, I was playing the song not realizing my guitar wasn’t plugged in. Joe walked off stage as I was playing an acoustic session to go for a wee, he ended up queuing for the toilet and we were just stood there waiting for him to come back. It was one of them gigs where you just could not wait to get off stage and just forget about it. It wasn’t funny at the time but now we look back at it and laugh about it”

What are the plans for the rest of 2017?
“It’s annoying we seemed to have missed the boat for the festival stuff, Dot 2 Dot we could have done but Kian was at Glastonbudget that weekend because he does his own thing a lot and he had a set there. We have a gig at The Bodega on the 19th August and we have got a gig coming up in Sheffield which will be our first ever one there. We want to get a few more gigs and release this EP as soon as”

What is your favorite track to play live?
“We have got one called ‘Times’ it’s our heaviest track and it has one of them beats that everyone can jump around to, we played it at Rough Trade and the crowd went mental. It’s easy to play as well it’s just three chords so it’s great to play as you can take a step back and look at the crowd and enjoy it”

If Viyellas had to be remembered for one thing what would you want it to be?
“Obviously for the music but also gigs as well because I think the reason you fall in love with bands is from gigs, you can only fall in love so much with a band from listening to a recording but its them real special nights like Hyde Park for me that you remember. We want people to be talking about our gigs for years and we want our songs to be remembered for being good songs and for people to attach meanings to them”

If you could collaborate with a band or singer who would it be?
“For me I’d say Harry Style which may shock you but I love his new record, we all hate One Direction we don’t like what they were about and where they had come from. His new record though is like Rock N Roll and I like the honesty in the lyrics, if he got a good band behind him he would be brilliant. It’s good to have someone from a different genre of music as well just to make it a bit different”

What has been your favorite gig so far?
“The Vic Inn in Derby because we were shocked with how many people turned up or Rough Trade, I’d say Rough Trade because the crowd was mad and it just felt like one of them gigs you would go to yourself and people were jumping around for us and when I got into a band that’s all I wanted really”

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?
“It would be between ‘Up The Bracket’ by The Libertines or ‘Glitterbug’ by The Wombats it’s not classed as a classic album but I don’t think there is one band song on it. I’d probably say, ‘Up The Bracket’ though just because of all the guitar riffs I’ve nicked off it, it’s done a lot for me”

By Siân Parker