The Chase are a young Rock’n’Roll/Indie Band from Nottingham. Flying the flag for indie-rock ‘n’ roll in the city. They have stormed hundreds of shows across the City and beyond, building up a dedicated fan base, including highlight sets at Dot To Dot and Hockley Hustle festivals.
Launching their brand new EP ‘Odyssey’, The Chase will headline The Bodega on 7th October! And were kind enough to answer a few questions before the gig.
First of all do you want to introduce yourselves?
“I’m Dion and I play drums in The Chase”
“That was nice short and sweet weren’t it, I’m Tyler and I’m Dion’s brother and I’m the lead singer and guitarist in The Chase”
“My name is James Cahill and I’m an alcoholic, I’ve been sober for 16 months now. I play the keyboard”
“I’m Luke the bass player”
“That was the shortest one”

How did you first meet?
Tyler – “Me and Dion are brothers, Luke is our cousin so we have known each other pretty much all our lifes”
So it’s like a family band?
Tyler – “Yeah and James he was a mate from school”
So James isn’t related to any of you then?
Tyler – “No, I mean you never know he could be”

How did you all first get into music?
Luke – “Brought up on it really weren’t we”
Tyler – “Yeah we listened to a lot of our dad’s music like Rock N Roll, Indie that sort of stuff. My mum like Ragga and Drum and bass but I didn’t really take to that… well until now anyway”

How supportive have friends and family been?
Dion – “Yeah they have been alright haven’t they?”
Tyler – “I mean they are at every gig of ours”
Luke – “Every major gig”
Tyler – “Sometimes they come to the smaller ones it depends how far away they are”
Deon – “Greg comes to everyone, he’s our roadie and Pete as well”

Who writes the songs?
Tyler – “I write them all, I basically listen to a song and think oh I like that bit and take little bits from it like riffs and stuff and then i out it together with bits i’ve done and make it into a track”

What has been your best gig?
Luke – “Rock City”
Tyler – “Yeah Rock City we got to play the main stage for Future sound of Nottingham and it was amazing”

What is your favourite track to play live?
Luke – “Odyssey”
James – “We’ve not played it Live yet but I can tell the cover is going to be the joke one, Michel Jackson Blame it on the boogie”
Deon – “Black cloud it’s a new one and it probably my favourite one to play”
Tyler – “Odyssey”

What is the music scene like in Nottingham?
Dion – “It’s alright”
James – “It’s buzzing at the minuet”
Would you say it’s the best out of the Midlands?
Tyler – “Oh yeah”

Apart from Nottingham where else would you say has a good music scene?
Dion – “London”
Tyler – “That’s a standard answer though, we’ve played Derby and that wasn’t great. We’ve played Leicester at The Shed that was alright and we played what was that other one…”
Dion – “The Magician…”
Tyler – “The Musician…. Fucking Magician what are we Penn and Teller”

Any funny/interesting gig stories?
James – “Deon”
Tyler – “Deon you can answer this one”
Dion – “Basically we were all a bit under the weather, we had a gig and I think it was the third song in and I just threw up on the stage. Lucky I did it quite discreetly and at the side of me so no one had seen it.
Tyler – “It was very discreet no one had noticed at all”
Dion – “I hadn’t stopped playing I just carried on”
Luke – “He just went really quiet he was still in time and everything but Deon usually plays really loud so we noticed he was playing really quiet and we were all like what you doing”
Dion – “We’ve had a few to be honest but me and James have a habit as well we look at each other when we are on the stage and we start laughing at each other and we can’t stop”

What are the plans for the rest of this year and 2018?
Tyler – “We’ve got this he EP is out and then head straight back into the studio and bring a few more singles out next year”
Any more gigs?
Dion – “We’ve got one at The Rescue Rooms in December”
James – “We’ve got a Christmas song coming out”

If the band had to be remembered for one thing what would you like it to be?
James – “Deon’s drum faces”
Tyler – “You will be what we mean tonight”

What was the first gig you went to?
Dion – “I think my first gig was… well the earliest one I remember was 50 cent”
Tyler – “You’ll never guess what he fell asleep. Mine was Red Hot Chili Peppers, I got piss chucked all over me and I was only 7 or 8”
James – “It was The Queen they had a different singer though”
Luke – “Oasis it was their last tour, then I got a refunded as well because the generator blew up I mean it came back on but we still got a refunded”

What was your first gig as a band?
Dion – “It was at Greyfriars Nottingham which is an Irish social club
Tyler – “We were like 9,7 and 12 or something like that”
Luke – “I had a sparkly red bass”
Dion – “This was way before James joined”

By Siân Parker