The Ruffs are an Indie/Rock n Roll band from Nottingham made up by Connor Spray (Lead singer/Guitarist), Blaine Monk (Bass), Tyler Spray (Drummer) and Sam Walker (Guitarist/Backing Vocals). Since forming in 2015 the band have played the local live circuit and have supported bands such as The Bluetones and DMA’s at their Nottingham gig in 2016.
I have known about these guys for a few years now but I haven’t had the chance to see them live yet. A few of my friends have been lucky enough to see these them live and have told me they are amazing.
Their debut EP ‘New Obsessions’ is a little over 12 minutes of fresh, fun and exciting tunes, it’s very Rock N Roll with a mix of Indie and is a well recorded little treat you’re sure to enjoy.
The track that stand out most to me has to be ‘MST’, to me it sounds like it could be featured in a film or a TV programme. It’s catchy and a track you need to listen to with your volume turned up to the max.
All in all a great debut EP that you definitely need the volume for this EP to enjoy it. The Ruffs are a band to keep an eye out for, I can see these guys making some big musical waves in Nottingham’s music scene.

By Siân Parker