Josh Hart is an 18 year old singer/songwriter currently at university in Sheffield. Influenced by bands such as Kasabian and The Libertines he has recently kicked off his solo career and has already released his debut solo single ‘Sane’.
‘Sane’ is a great single, it’s a little over 3 minutes of catchy riffs and some great vocals from Josh. It’s a bit slower to what I usually listen to but I couldn’t help but sit there tapping along as I listened to the single. When the chorus kicks in the listener is transported to another level, you can’t help but listen to every word Josh sing’s. Listening to the track you can hear the influences of artists such as Declan McKenna, to me it sounds a little like an early sounding Viola Beach track.
All in all a great debut single by Josh and one you need to listen to, I can only see him getting better as time goes on and he gets more experience. A great single by a talented young guy and a guy to keep an eye out for.
By Siân Parker