I have known about these guys for a few years now but I haven’t had the chance to see them live yet. A few of my friends have been lucky enough to see them live and have told me they are amazing and that I needed to see them live. I finally got to see these guys at The Camelon Arts Café in Nottingham for a gig set up by This Feeling. It’s not the biggest venue around but it’s a great little venue (once you find it).
The trio Connor (Lead singer/Guitarist), Tyler (Drummer) and Blaine (Bass) quickly grabbed everyone’s attention with their catchy tunes. What’s instantly obvious when seeing this band live is their talent and endless energy they bring to their gigs which fuels the night. I watched them perform I couldn’t help but tap along with their tracks and as I looked around the room everyone else was doing the same thing, you can’t just stand there watching these guys you have to at least tap along.
The track that stood out to me was ‘Alligator’, its catchy and just a brilliant song to listen to live. I only got to hear this track in a small room but I can imagine if it was in a slightly bigger room with a bigger crowd they would have gone mental at this track. Alligator includes heavy guitar riffs and catchy vocals by Connor, it has the early noughties Indie sound with a modern kick to it, It’s everything a Britpop/Indie fan would want to hear and more.
They are a great band to watch and I was not disappointed with what I witnessed. Their music is fun, exciting and fresh! It’s so nice to hear a band that are not scared to sound different and mix things up a bit. In my friends own words they are “Loud as fuck!”, They are a talented band and one to watch out for, I can only see good things happening for this band as they continue to make huge waves in the Nottingham music scene.
By Siân Parker

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