Monico Blonde are one of the UK’s most exciting indie-pop newcomers. Bursting onto the scene in 2016, they have been played on by BBC Radio 1’s Hue Stephens and Radio X’s John Kennedy, alongside featuring on BBC Music’s Best of R1 Introducing Playlist. The four-piece band from South Wales made up by Jack, Owen, Theo and Dale have also supported Coasts on a 20 date UK tour.
After seeing them live at The Chameleon Arts Cafe in Nottingham for a gig set up by This Feeling Jack was kind enough to answer some questions, here’s what he had to say.

First of all do you want to introduce each band member.
Jack (Vocals, guitar)
Owen (Keys, BVs)
Theo (Bass, BVs)
Dale (Drums, BVs, all-round charmer)

How did you all meet?
“Owen and I were at primary school together, Theo and Dale grew up as childhood friends a few miles away. We’re a very childish band”

Growing up who inspired you?
“The first time I heard The Beatles it blew my mind. My Dad gave me a Walkman on holiday when I was about 7, I remember being really excited and asking who it was. That moment sort of kicked everything off”

How supportive have friends and family been?
“We’ve been really lucky with having lots of people around who are really into what we do. It would be a lot tougher without them”

Describe your music in 4 words.
“This question is difficult”

What was your first ever gig as a band?
“Swn Festival!”

Where do the ideas for songs come from?
“All over the place, you can work really hard to find them or they can just come to you. Sometimes you might have a good turn of phrase and write the song around that, other times a concept or idea might set it off”

What has been your best and worse gig?
“Best: We played the Camden Electric Ballroom on the last date of tour with Coasts, that was pretty amazing. Worst: Jack and Owen once drove 300 miles to play to no-one, got paid half the fee and drove home in violent rain. That was a good’un”

Any funny/interesting gig stories?
“We once started setting up at a gig and had some odd looks from the other bands. It took us a while to figure out we were in the wrong venue. Any pre gig ritual? We stare out of the van window, humming scales until we’re warmed up. It looks pretty odd to passers-by”

What is the music scene like where you are based?
“We’re from Cardiff and there’s a good scene here. Lots of bands supporting one another”

What makes your band stand out from other bands?
“Three-part harmony and Owen’s freaky keys”

You played at the Chameleon Arts Cafe in Nottingham the other week do you have any more gigs lined up?
“We just finished the first string of tour dates which were a load of fun. This week we hit London and Bristol and then we finish with a hometown show in April. What are your plans for the rest of 2018? Keep writing, keep releasing, keep gigging”

By Siân Parker