BINES are a four piece rock n roll band from Leyland, Lancashire born out of the dissatisfaction and non-existence of decent guitar music. Made up by Danny (vocals/rhythm guitarist), Matt (lead guitarist), Pete (Drums) and Jim (bass).

They released their debut EP ‘The Mill’ last month and what an amazing EP it is! It’s a little over 14 minutes of 90’s Britpop with a modern twist and a touch of 60’s rock n roll. Listening to the EP it reminds me of an early Oasis album, it fun, catchy and exactly what any 90’s Britpop fan wants to hear.

The track that stand out the most has to be ‘Where’s the Belief?’, it’s phenomenal guitar riffs and an almighty chorus you can only sing along to makes it’s a fantastic song that you have to listen to with your volume turned up to the max, this track is bound to get any crowd going. The track is finished off with some amazing words from the legend that is Ian Brown.

Another track from the EP that stands out has to be ‘Having an Angel Stay’, from the first few seconds it draws you in and you listen to every word Danny sings. It shows off Danny’s vocals brilliantly and is a beautiful song to listen to. Listening to is it reminds me a little bit of ‘Talk Tonight’ by Oasis.

A talented band that are bringing back great guitar music and the Brit pop sound with a modern twist. Their debut EP is fantastic! You need to listen to it to find out for yourself how brilliant these guys are. An exciting band that I can see going far!

I have to give this EP 10/10

By Siân Parker