Idle Ross are a four piece band from Sheffield made up by Ross (vocals), Spen (Guitarist), Charlie (Bass) and Joel (Drums).

Ross was kind enough to answer a few question we had, here’s what he had to say.
How did you all meet? 
“Charlie went to the same school as me. Joel and Spen were in a Band together before. I bumped into Joel at a Courteeners Gig and asked him if he fancied having a jam with me and Charlie. The rest is history!”
Who inspired you?
“I grew up listening to a lot of The Jam, The Beatles, The Clash & The Who. Made me want to learn how to play guitar when I was about 16, I taught myself. From there I’ve got quite an obsessive personality so I just wanted to learn more so I’d want to find out what artists would influence who I was listening to and then what artists they’d influenced! I take influence from all kinds of genres, which is why the songs is in our set sound quite different to each other. We’re not directly trying to sound like anyone else. Some songs have quite a heavy hip-hop style rhythm section with prominent basslines and others are straight-up rock n roll. Summart for everyone”.
What have you been up to so far this year?
“Lots of Gigs, writing and recording. We’re essentially a brand-new band as our first practice together wasn’t until September last year. We did our first Gig after summart like 6 weeks and carried on how we started. Released our first single too. Everything’s quite time consuming as we don’t have a manager or promoter so everything’s DIY which can be exhausting and frustrating at times but we’re passionate about what we do so it’s worthwhile and has payed off so far”.
What has been your best and worst gig?
“We headlined The Washington in Sheffield earlier on this Year. The place was packed – We had people bouncing and crowd surfing (There were actual visible footprints on the ceiling once we’d finished. Our first ever Gig supporting Red Faces was pretty momentous too – We had no songs out, the crowd had never even heard of us before but the response we had was incredible. There was a huge mosh pit during the final song after we’d won them over with our performance. Worst Gig was one we did in Manchester – Empty Venue and a terrible sound. Had a decent drink round the Northern Quarter to make up for it though”.
Describe your music in three words?
“Big Sesh Tunes”.
What makes Idle Ross stand out from other bands?
“When we play live we leave everything out there on the stage. We’re genuine people and it comes through in our music. There’s no pretentiousness or anything. Always appreciate everyone who comes to a Gig and usually have a chat and a drink with them after”.
Your debut Single ‘Into The Thick Of It’ was released on the 6th April can you tell us a bit about it? 
“We decided to release this tune because I think it’s a real shock-to-the-system. I don’t really know who else makes a song like this anymore. Especially as a debut single for an unsigned band. It’s got some huge riffs on there, meaningful lyrics and an insane outro just made for crowds to go mental to. There’s a lot of subtlety and madness to the song that even I still only notice after a few listens. There’s depth to it. I think the demo ended up with about 20 different guitar tracks on with different ideas and riffs playing over it. Threw everything at the wall and see what sticks kinda method”.
Do you have plans to release anymore music soon?
“We’re recording again in May so should have something out Early June”.
What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
“More Gigs. More Tunes Released. More of the same!”
Finally is there any gigs you have got coming up? 
“Green Room, Sheffield – May 31st
3 HEADLINE SLOTS AT TRAMLINES FESTIVAL – Check our Facebook for confirmation”.
By Siân Parker