A four-piece rock band from Stockport, Manchester made up by Jordan Lambert (guitarist/vocals), Ash Meadowcroft (lead guitarist), Connor McQue (Drums/vocals) and Rob Bramwell (Bassist). They have featured on Clint Boons ‘Set2go live’ and ‘Set2go’ podcast and have been ‘Band Of The Day’ on Louder Than War along with ‘Track Of The Day’ on GigSlutz.

The lads were kind enough to take some time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions for us, here’s what they had to say.

How did you all meet?
Jay – “We met at high school…”
Connor – “We were, and we were in a same form group”
Jay – “We use to do covers together in music class. We started to take it more seriously about 2 years ago when we started to write our own songs.”

What was your first gig as a band?
Connor – “It was the 8th March 2014 at the Manchester club academy”
Jay – “Bloody hell mate how did you remember that?”
Connor – “Because I do”
Jay – “It was a bad gig that wasn’t, I mean we defiantly wasn’t ready to go out playing a show but we did it. It’s one of them gigs at the time you thought you were ready but looking back on it now I think we all sit there and think nope we were so not ready for this”
Ash – “We still at high school and we had about 10 or 12 teachers turn up too”

How supportive have your friends and family been?
Jay – “Yeah, they have all been supportive especially our families, my mum loves it when we play shows she’s always there with my aunty I think my nan has been to a few as well. All our mates come to all the gigs they can, if we play around Manchester we round up all the troops a it’s a bit of a night out, we always try to get our families down to our gigs Ash parents come down to see us and hasn’t your granddad been to see us too?”
Ash – “No but my nan has been to a few”
Connor – “Nans love our shows”

You have recently released a new single ‘Sanity’ can you tell us a bit about it?
Jay – “The Song was recorded in Sheffield, it was written about a year ago and we thought it was good enough to take to the studio and record. In terms of the Lyrics for me they are quite personal, I try to write lyrics that are personal and true to me I feel music comes across better that way when you can connect with it. I mean I like the lyrics to be interpreted by each person, for me it was understand what was going on it was quite therapeutic for me to write”

Do you have any funny gig stories?
Jay – “What about the time we played West Street Live?”
Rob – “No, we can’t do that!”
Jay – “So, we got a gig at West Street Live in Sheffield, it was our first tine in Sheffield and promised us we’d get £75”
Rob – “We thought we were going to be on TV as well”
Jay – “Yeah we thought we were going to be on TV too and they promised us a lot of things which didn’t happen. It was a weird set up, but we got there, and I’d say there were about 20 people”
Connor – “No it was a decent turn out I think it was full to the back of the room I mean it was only a small room, but it was decent”
Jay – “It wasn’t a bad gig but anyway they promise to pay us, and they didn’t, now we don’t do gigs to get money I mean it’s a bonus if we do get it, but money isn’t the object we were just annoyed that we were promised it and we didn’t get it. So, they left us upstairs in this room with a fridge in it and said help yourselves. There was a lot of beer etc, so we raided the fridge, I don’t think we left anything in that room”
Connor – “It looked like some of the beer and burst inside the fridge it was horrible and mouldy, we were tempted to take it outside and jet wash it”

Describe your music in three words
Jay – “Catchy, loud and erm come on lads help me out here”
Connor – “Choragus”
Jay – “No!”
Ash – “A journey”
Connor – “Catchy, loud and we can’t count”
Rob – “We are not very good at this”
Jay – “Catchy, Loud and Emo, there you go”

What makes you stand out from other bands?
Ash – “I think because we have two lead vocalist that makes us a bit different”
Rob – “Also a lot of Manchester bands are indie like Oasis etc and they still try to represent that where as we come from a different background I mean it comes down to the inspirations we are all into something completely different which we try to put across in our music”
Jay – “Not that we have anything against that scene, but I think we bring something a little bit heavier to the table, we like to be different we come from a rock background and want to show Manchester isn’t just the Oasis indie sound”

Do you have any plans to release any more singles or EP’s this year?
Jay – “Yes, our next single is going to be ‘Blind Side Up’ or ‘Blind Side’ we haven’t quite decided on that yet, it just in the process of being mixed so that will be coming out in the next few months along with a music video. We have three more singles that will be released this year with the hopes of putting them all onto an EP which we are really excited about”

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
Jay – “Play as many so as we can, we’ve played quite a lot of gigs in Manchester and the surrounding area, so we would like to branch out. Release an EP and tour the UK that’s it really”
Rob – “We would love to be able to play some festivals as well this year”
Ash – “We’d love to do a gig in London too or do well down south”
Connor – “We’d like to make our mark in Manchester as well”

What was your first ever gig and how much did it inspire you to want to be in a band?
Jay – “I remember it very clearly, I was 14 and I went to see Angles and Airwaves at The Ritz in Manchester. It blew my mind! I’ve been massively into music since I was around 10/11 and Blink 182 and Angles and Airwaves have been big inspirations to me. I found out they were playing, I got one of my best mates to go with me to see them and my parents and we stood there watching them and it was insane. They had a light show on and everything, they had lights behind them to make them look like silhouette, it’s just a gig that is imprinted in my mind, it was so good, and I loved every second of it”
Ash – “There’s two for me, the first one was with my dad we went to see a Pink Floyd tribute act, that was my first ever experience of a gig as such. My first proper heavy gig was Alter Bridge, that stands out to me just for how intense it was”
Connor – “I went to see a Pink Floyd tribute act at the Plaza in Stockport with my dad. I can’t remember it that well I’m not going to lie, I was in year 7 or 8 so I was still quite young. I remember it being quite good though and it was where I met Rob for the first time”
Rob – “Mine has to be Rodger Waters or Imagine Dragons, don’t get me wrong looking back I’ve seen better gigs but at the time I was like wow! It was a massive room full of people jumping around, it was crazy”

By Siân Parker