B-Squardron are a Leicester based Punk band bringing back the early 80’s original Oi sound and attitude. The band made up by Trav (Vocals), Max (Bass), Kev (Guitar) and Daz (Drums) released their first album ‘Sons of Tigers’ earlier this year. As well was releasing an album the lads have been busy selling merchandise and doing gigs around the UK.

Trav was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, here is what he had to say.
How did you all first meet?
“We are all Leicester lads we’ve known each other years through going to the football and being at punk/Oi gigs”

What made you join the band?
“I remember being at a Cockney Rejects gig with Daz (drummer) and saying I’d love to do this, he said he’d been thinking the same thing for years. Our pal big mart said well why don’t you do it then, so here we are. It’s a dream I’ve had for a long long time”

Describe your music in 3 words
“Raw, Aggressive and Honest”
What makes B Squadron stand out from other bands?
“Hopefully our music ha ha”

You released your first album ‘Sons of Tigers’ earlier this year, can you tell us a bit about it?
“The album was recorded at Quad studios in Leicester, it’s where we practice. Bob who runs it has got a great set up there, he engineered the album and really helped us out. The title relates to the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, or ‘tigers’ as they were affectionately known. Each member of the band has ancestral ties to the regiment, from great grandfathers in the First World War, grandfathers in World War Two and fathers that did their national service”

One of my favourite songs has to be ‘Means of escape’, listening to the lyrics it’s obvious what it’s about, is most of your music your options of certain things?
“All our songs relate to personal experience or our opinions on the ups and downs of everyday working-class life. There’s no pretence in our music. We live it like we love it”

Obviously from listening to your music like your track ‘Saturday Soldiers’ your massive Leicester City fans is that another main influence in your song writing?
“There’s been a million and one songs on the subject of football related aggro, some genuine and some not so, hand on heart I can honestly say there’s certain members of this band that have been up to their necks in it. It was a big part of growing up so we ain’t gonna deny it, yes football is a big influence on B SQUADRON. The very name is derived from Leicester’s mob, the baby squad”

I love the honesty in your lyrics. How well does that honesty go down with the crowds?
“I don’t see the point in being anything but honest, bullshitters always get found out in the end and believe me there’s plenty of bullshitters in the Oi ‘scene’. The people that come to our gigs know what they’re gonna get”

Any plans to release any more music soon?
“We are working on new tracks as we speak, may be a while before we release anything though, we are officially the laziest bastards in Oi”

What has been your best/worst gig?
“Personally, the best has to be playing the PSK festival in Stockholm. Everything was spot on, we were treated like kings. We’ve not really had a ‘worst’ gig, so for that I’ll just say our first gig, simply because we were all shitting ourselves ha ha”

Have you had any interesting gig stories you can share with us?
“We played in Leeds, only our second gig, we all drank a bit too much afterwards and ended up kicking fuck out of each other on the way home. Oh dear. Adrenaline, beer and testosterone is a potent mixture”

Do you have any gigs planned for 2018?
“We’ve played Stoke for our great pals Lou and Worm also the flag in Watford for the brilliant Watford punk collective. Both sets of promoters put great gigs on and it’s our pleasure to be involved with such good people. Gigs coming up are the massive rebellion festival, an Oi alldayer in Bristol for another good man john at the fleece and maybe another support slot with the mighty Cockney Rejects although that’s yet to be confirmed”

If the band had to be remembered for one thing what would you like it to be?
“That we recreated that early 80’s original Oi sound and attitude”

Any information you want me to add to the interview?
“Just like to say thanks for your interest in B Squadron. Hopefully catch you at a gig someday. Cheers. Football. Boxing. Oi Oi music. BS June 2018”

By Siân Parker

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