Hoofa are an Indie Rock band from North London made up of 3 southerners and 1 northerner, who’s addictive vocal hooks and harmonies bring the north/south divide together. Heavily influenced by the likes of The Beautiful South, Peace and Little Comets; Hoofa has an electronical indie guitar sound. The band played The Great Escape 2018 and next play at Camden Assembly on 5th July. The ‘Live at Bonafide’ live session will be released on Friday June 29th, ahead of a support slot at Camden Assembly on Thursday 5th July.

Frontman, James was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, here’s what they he had to say.

How did you meet?
“I wrote the material and demo’d our first album back in October 2017. I had jammed with Alan (bass) and the Archie (drums) in another band and we just had a great feel and got along really well. Alan actually convinced me to turn Hoofa from my studio project into a live band! Paul (acoustic guitar / backing vocals) is a friend who does his own music stuff, so I knew he was a top musician and he agreed to come play with us. Long story short – I brought together people I knew to play music and have a laugh”
Who inspired you?
“Musically, all the major indie players like The Smiths, The Courteneers, The Wombats and lyrically The Beautiful South and Frank Turner. My main motivation to write is to perform and engage with an audience – hopefully dancing around and singing back the words!”
What was your first gig as a band?
“For our first show (only February this year!) we put on our own show with The Luka State (who went on to support Feeder, for more than ‘Just a Day’ ba dum chh). It was a class gig, 75-100 people all down to see us. To be honest, it was much busier than we expected and was a great sign”

What has been your best gig?
“Tough one! We played a show for Cherry Cola supporting Faers and we opened, to about 400 people at Dingwalls. The best comment from that night was that, after the gig the venue turns into a club night and, after a few drinks, a bouncer came charging up to me. I was all prepared to protest my innocence and claim I wasn’t that drunk but he said ‘you were singing in that first band right?’ – I nodded, still thinking I was about to get thrown out, ‘ that first song you sang nearly made me cry, good job keep it up’. That was a pretty special moment and the song was Olivia, which is on the Live Session EP”
Can you tell us a bit more about your new music?
“The main aim is to make the audience sing and dance – there’s some funkier numbers, some classic 4 to the floor indie rock, and everything in between. Ultimately, we want to entertain so try to put our high energy performances in the music. Archie jokes that we’re almost a punk band because of the tempos we play at, but we don’t sound punk – although punk is quite popular at the moment again!”

Is there any funny gig stories you can share with us?
“We recently got a chance to play a last-minute set at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. The night before we partied hard and had to go into emergency ‘recover’ mode with no talking, lots of water and made sure we were properly warmed up before the show. We had to run back from the centre of Brighton to the outskirts, grab our instruments, run back and made it with about 5 minutes to go and in skinny jeans and 25 degree heat. We played the show and then spent the rest of the day watching bands and talking to people. Later on Paul led a crowd of people out of a hotel at 3am and we found him 2 hours later on the step of our Air BNB curled up in a ball. That was pretty funny and he still gets some stick for that in rehearsals!”
Describe your music in 3 words.
“Hot, Cheesy, Spicy”
What makes you stand out from other bands?
“I think it’s a mix of high energy and that we try to make sure our songs don’t sound the same. There’s a few bands right now that almost re-write their last single and make that their new single. I prefer to mix things up a bit and so one song you’re jiving – next your dancing, then you’re in a mosh bit, and all the time you’re singing back the chorus. Oh, and we’re a nice friendly bunch”
Favourite track to play live?
“This changes all the time. Currently, it’s either a song called ‘LVE’ which has a breakdown like a 60’s doo-wop band, or a song called ‘As You Do’ as I enjoy playing the solo. ‘Frustrated Love’ is also a funky number that really grooves and Alan and Archie lock in really tight there. As you might be able to tell, we like most, if not all of them for different reasons”
What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
“We put out the live session tracks on Friday June 29th and then head to the studio. London gigs are booked for the rest of the year, which is insane! There may be a tour in October, we’re yet to decide fully on that. Whatever happens, you can keep up to date on all our social channels *cough cough* follow us *cough cough*.
Any information you would like us to add into the interview?
Thanks for the interview, please check out our videos on Youtube and remember, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up to much space”


Any information you would like us to add into the interview?
“Thanks for the interview, please check out our videos on Youtube and remember, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up to much space”


By Siân Parker