Matter Of Mind are a four piece rock band made up by Jordan Lambert (Vocals/Guitarist), Ash Meadowcroft (Lead guitarist), Connor McQue (Drums/Vocals) and Rob Bramwell (Bassist). A young talented band from Stockport who are making huge musical waves. They released their latest single ‘Sanity’ back in April and what a tune it is!
The track itself has been recorded really well and shows some great instrumental talent from all the band members as well as some fantastic vocals by Jordan. Their lyrics provided a catchy chorus which you will know off by heart once you’ve listened to it once. Sanity was the first track I’ve ever heard from the band and I was not disappointed with what I heard, listening to the single it reminds me of an early Nirvana sound with a modern twist. This is a quality song which you can tell has been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail. A refreshing sound from a young band who are not afraid to sound different to what you hear from some young bands now a days. These are a band to keep an eye out for and one I can only see good things happening if they keep making great tracks like this one. All on all a great track that’s a treat for the ears to listen too and I can’t wait to hear more tracks from this band.

By Siân Parker                      

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