19-year-old London-based singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation Hope Russell-Winter is an exceptionally talented musician and performer that’s made an indelible impression on the UK’s music scene in only a few short years. Since making her first recordings at the age of fourteen, she’s reached fans across the globe through her immensely popular YouTube channel, receiving over 15 million hits and gaining 76k subscribers – a testament to the broad appeal of her emotive sound.

Hope was kind enough to answer a few questions, here’s what she had to say.How did you first get into music?
“I originally got into music when I started to write poetry when I was 8 years old, I had quite a big lose in my family and I was encouraged to be creative as I was quite a creative child and my poems were published on a memorial website. My parents then brought me a keyboard and that’s when my poems became songs, I then fell in love with writing music”

How supportive have your friends and family been?
“I am so lucky I have a family that believe in me, my dad was an artist so maybe that had something to do with it but they have all been amazing. My friends were quite supportive too, they use to think it was quite cool that I use to do gig’s etc”

Where do your idea’s for songs come from?
“Originally it was from experiences but as I’ve got older and wanted to become a song writer, I’ve done my best to try and put myself in other people’s shoes and change up the way I write songs. I’m constantly trying to push myself and make myself a quite diverse song writer, but I am always looking at different ways to write music”

What has been your favourite gig?
“I did an O2 Academy tour which was pretty cool, it was the first time I had my name up in lights and got a dressing room and things like that. In terms of the music I did a gig in a pub which was in the middle of nowhere, I was 14 and there was around 20 people in this pub and it was just lovely”

Have you got a favourite highlight?
“I this the dog’s trust campaign, I got to go into the studio and record a song for them and it got to help a lot of dog’s which is a bonus as I love dogs. I would also say both of my release gig’s were amazing as they were full of my friends and family, also anytime I am on the road I don’t mean just the gigs I mean the setting up etc”

Any new tracks coming out soon?
“I’m currently working on my debut EP which I am hoping to release next year in the Spring”

What’s the music scene like where you’re based?
“I would say everyone travels to London, everyone goes to London, one major music venue called The Horn which is brilliant, everyone there are really great. There is a little music scene going on but being so close to London we don’t get much”

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
“I will be spending more time in the studio recording a few tracks I want to get recorded for the EP that’s the main focus for the rest of this year”

By Siân Parker