Gazelle are back with their latest single ‘Finger On The Trigger” which is now available to download and stream. Last night the band played at Dryden Street Social for their single launch and what a gig it was! A live review on the gig will be uploaded soon so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Ryan (Singer/Guitarist) and Danny (Drummer) were kind enough to give up some of their time before they went on stage to answer a few questions, here is what they had to say.

So, what has the band been up to over 2018?

Danny – “We’ve just been in the studio”

Ryan – “We’ve been locked away in the studio really, obviously as you know we did the single “Where Nothing Ever Happens”, how long ago was that?”

Danny – “A while ago”

Ryan – “We didn’t follow it up to well so basically this year we’ve locked ourselves away in the studio and got a load of tracks done”

Danny – “Our heads are in gear now”

Ryan – “Yeah that’s it, we’ve settled down and tried to get something out of it that we can continue because we didn’t really have a follow up when we did the last single. I mean we got quite a lot of publicity from the last single, it went down well it’s just there were no follow up”

Danny – “We want to push this one as much as we can”

Ryan – “It’s like a fresh start really, it’s like a new band again”

How did you all meet?

Danny – “I’ve known Ryan for a few years from his old band”

Ryan – “I’ve tried to avoid him for a few year’s when I’ve been out in town”

Danny – “Yeah and I bumped into him one night and I was like ‘here you are, you’ve got to fucking speak to me now!’ he had no choice”

Ryan – “He just follows me around, the other two (Richard and Ben) are from Peterborough, it was a social media thing with how we got to meet them”

Danny – “We met up with them for a few drinks and then went for a practice, we just got on really well and it just went from there”

What was your first gig as a band?

Danny – “First gig we done…”

Ryan – “SoundHouse wasn’t it?”

Danny – “Yeah, main one yeah it was”

Ryan – “When was that? End of 2016?”

Danny – “Yeah it was”

Ryan – “Decent turn out for that but it wasn’t the same level as what we get now, Danny probably knows when it was”

Danny – “September that’s when it was, September 2016”

Growing up who were your musical influences?

Danny – “Mine was like 90’s stuff I think…”

Ryan – “All Ricky Martin and that wasn’t it?”

Danny – “Yeah, Spice Girls, S Club 7 all of that”

I don’t believe that for one minuet

Danny – “No that’s bullshit!”

Ryan – “You haven’t seen his Ricky Martin impression yet, you not doing it?”

Danny – “No”

Ryan – “I like a lot of 50’s stuff, 60’s folk, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, a lot of stuff you wouldn’t think of when you listen to our music. As far as to influences for our music though we don’t really stick to one sound”

Danny – “We’ve got our own sound”

Ryan – “Yeah, I mean I write the songs acoustically and then take them to the practice room but there’s never really a thought that we need it to sound a certain way. It’s just you play your beat and I’ll play mine it’s that kind of thing and that’s how it comes together”

What made you want to be in a band?

Danny – “Watching other bands, seeing them and thinking I want to do that”

Ryan – “I think it’s the same reason for me too, I went to see The Twang when I was thirteen, it was just before their first album dropped and I proper got into them, they were the band that made me want to pick up a guitar and write songs”

Where do your ideas for songs come from?

Ryan – “I like to write about what I know, I think that’s what drive’s me to keeping doing it as song writing is my thing. I’m not the best guitar player but I know I can write a good tune. It’s usually things like when I’m pissed off, I don’t like to rush lyrics a lot of the time I have a tune for a while then I come up with a melody. A lot of the time I sit on a tune and the lads will be asking me when will it be finished but it has to be the right time”

Danny – “A week before a gig and he will still have no lyrics for it”

Ryan – “I’ve written lyrics whilst being in the studio before, I think ‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’ half of that was written in the studio”

Danny – “Yeah, ‘Young Blood’ as well”

What’s one of the earliest song’s you’ve written that you still play now?

Ryan – “I think ‘Dreaming’ but the first one recorded was ‘Freight Train’, that whole EP was done dead quick. As soon as we got together I had the songs already written, as soon as we went into the practice room it was like bang, bang, bang! We had 6 or 7 tracks and the first set was there really from the off”

What’s your favourite song to play live?

Danny – “The new ones I’d say”

Ryan – “That’s hard, it’s like trying to pick your favourite kid isn’t it. I think the newer ones are always your favourite. When you write something new you always strive to make that the best song”

Danny – “I like to play ‘Untold Youth’ that’s one of my favourites still”

Ryan – “I like playing that one too, I like the next single as well ‘Guilt Trip Gun’ that’s one of my favourites”

Describe your music on 3 words.

Ryan – “Now we’re on the spot!”

Danny – “Let me think about this one”

Ryan – “Yeah, I’m going to let you answer this one, I want to see you squirm!”

Danny – “I better watch my tongue here”

If you want to use more than 3 words go for it!

Ryan – “All over the place!”

Danny – “That wasn’t the answer”

Ryan – “Loud Rock N Roll music!”

Any funny or interesting gig stories you can share with us?

Ryan – “Probably not that we can share”

Danny – “If it was 18+ we could probably tell you, we just do what we do, whatever happens, happens you know”

Ryan – “Danny likes to forget everything don’t you”

Danny – “Yeah, I’m forgetful”

Ryan – “I don’t think we’ve done a gig yet where Danny has remembered to bring everything with him”

Danny – “True”

Ryan – “Especially when we’re far away from home where we can’t go back for it”

Danny – “I’ve left a drum or something at home that sort of thing”

Ryan – “It’s normally something obvious like a bass drum or something, he’s done a few gig’s on bar stools haven’t you”

Danny – “Yep, I’m learning very fucking slowly”

Ryan – “He’s getting there though, he gets better with every gig”

What’s your favourite gig you’ve played?

Danny – “I like the O2 Academy in Leicester”

Ryan – “Yeah the O2 Academy in Leicester when we released ‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’ that was a good gig”

Any bad gig you’ve done?

Ryan – “That one we did in Leeds, what do you think Danny?”

Danny – “Leeds and Hastings!”

Ryan – “That was a strange one”

Danny – “No one there knew who we were”

Ryan – “We got there, got drunk, did the gig and went! We’re not playing there again next year”

Danny – “Nope!”

Ryan – “Especially not after this interview goes out”

What would you say the music scene is like in Leicester?

Danny – “Shit really”
Ryan – “Yeah there’s nothing I really like”

What would you say has been the best music scene you’ve played in?

Ryan – “I’d say Sunderland”

Danny – “I like Sunderland! The more north you go the better the atmosphere”

Ryan – “Sunderland was great, we didn’t really know what to expect but it was packed! They obviously just come out and support their local music scene and stuff up there”

Do you have a favourite venue you like to play?

Ryan – “We did the O2 Academy in Leicester about four times on the trot in a couple of months, it was like our second home at one point. You kind of get an idea on how it’s going to sound there and it just works for us”

Danny – “I think tonight’s gig is going to be up there, I can’t wait!”

Your new single ‘Finger On The Trigger’ came out today, can you tell us a bit about it?

Ryan – “I wrote it when I was at work, I was pissed off so I went and hid in the canteen for a bit and the lyrics just came out. In the music video the yard we filmed in is the one I worked at and where I wrote the lyrics.

Danny – “It relates to a lot of working-class people as well, it’s a working-class song and everyone that hates their job can relate to the lyrics, that’s what I love about it”

Ryan – “We are proud of it Lyric wise”

 Danny – “I think it’s the best one Ryan has written”

How did the idea for the music video for ‘Finger On The Trigger’ come about?

Ryan – “We were in Nottingham going to see Noel Gallagher”

Danny – “Yeah, me and Ryan went to see Noel in Nottingham and happened to get talking to some bloke who was mates with Stephen Graham and it just went from there really. His misses e-mailed us, we didn’t believe it at first but then we arranged it and went from there”

What should we expect from tonight’s gig?

Ryan – “A few new tracks”

Danny – “We’ve done about 3 or 4 new tunes”

Ryan – “We’ve sat on them for that long we just want to get them out there tonight”

Danny – “It’s just going to be full of loud guitar music”

Ryan – “We’ve got a block of 6 songs at the end of the set that everyone will know so it’s going to end on a high”

Any plans for any more new tracks coming out soon?

Ryan – “Like I said the last single we didn’t have a follow up so this time we’ve made sure we’ve got a few. We’ve got another single coming out in February followed by a new EP so we are going to be busy”

Danny – “We’re working hard at the minuet”

Any other gigs coming up?

Danny – “It’s just the tour really”

Ryan – “Dates for that will be announced soon!”

Why should people come to one of your gigs?

Ryan – “I think it’s be a while since there has been an honest working-class band like us really”

Danny – “Most of our tunes people can relate too”

Ryan – “We haven’t got the long hair or skinny jeans that’s not us! we are just normal lads”

Danny – “We are smart and got good tunes”

Ryan – “It’s been too long since there has been a band that tells you how it is”

Danny – “I think people are now realising that we are a proper band and we mean business”

What are your plans for 2019?

Ryan – “Singles, EP a tour then back in the studio”

Danny – “We’ve got some festivals lined up as well”

Ryan – “I just want to see what happens really, I’m excited to see what happens from what we’ve done now”

Danny – “I think next year will be are year!”

I ask every band I interview this question, What was your first gig you went to and how much has that influenced your music taste?

Danny – “Mine was Oasis at Wembley that was my first ever gig, not a bad first gig is it?”

No not at all that a great one.

Ryan – “He’s never had a different hair cut since”

Danny – “Nope!”

Ryan – “I think mine was the gig I was on about earlier, The Twang at Loughborough Uni. My old man is an old scooter boy so I’ve always seen live bands like that but the first ever band I went to see was them”

By Siân Parker

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