It’s been a busy 2018 for Gazelle who have spent most of the year recording new tracks and gigging across the UK, but they are back with their latest single ‘Finger On The Trigger’. On Saturday 15th December the band played their sold-out single launch at Dryden Street Social in Leicester. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band play live a few times in the past, they have never disappointed and Saturday nights gig was no exception.

Despite only having released the one previous single and EP, they have already built up a mixture of well written songs which showcase their versatility from acoustic ballads to brilliant dancefloor bangers which got the Leicester crowd singing, dancing along and making it a Saturday night they won’t forget in a hurry.

Kicking off their set with ‘Were Happening’ the band instantly had the crowd bouncing around to the first few seconds of the song. Although this is one of the bands new tracks it went down as well as the more well-known tracks do with the crowd, usually I have to listen to a new track a few times before I really get into it, but I didn’t have to with this one, from the first few seconds of hearing this track being played live I was hooked and tapping along.

The new tracks such as ‘Were Happening’, ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Going Nowhere’ all received a rousing reception, especially ‘Gilt Trip Gun’ which delivered a rush of endorphins to everyone crammed inside the venue.

The last 6 songs on their set list were what I would call the classics from the band, they included one of my favourite tracks ‘Freight Train’ as well as ‘Puppets and Parasites’ and an acoustic set of ‘Dimond High’ which I loved hearing. It was a great tune to hear and to calm down the crowd for a few moments before blasting out the last three tracks on the set list.

They ended the gig by playing their latest single ‘Finger On The Trigger’ and ‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’, from opening drum beat and guitar riff the crowd went mental and were singing along to every word Ryan sang. Every time I hear the band play these two songs in seconds the crowd go mental and they seem to get more crazier with every time I hear them being played.

The track that stood out most to me has to be ‘Finger On The Trigger’ with its catchy riffs and relatable lyrics that makes it a fun and energetic song that is great to hear live, it’s also guaranteed to get the crowd singing along. It’s well written and is a treat to hear live and for me is one of the best songs the band have written.

The night was full of great music and a crowd that loved every second of the band being on stage playing their amazing tracks. It was also refreshing to hear a band that are not afraid to be a bit different to other bands. As well as watching the crowd enjoy every second it was also great to see the band enjoying themselves on the stage, it’s great to watch a band who can entertain the crowd and have a great connection on stage with each other.

Each time I see them live they seem to get better which you think would be impossible but they somehow managed to do it. They have a talent for song writing and to me they stand out from other bands around the Midlands, I’d go as far as to say they are the best band in the Midlands. They are a classic working-class band with a Rock n Roll sound but with their own little twist!

A great night full of great music from a talented band and a fantastic single launch for ‘Finger On The Trigger’. This band mean business and I can see 2019 being a good year for them if they keep playing fantastic gigs like this one.


By Siân Parker

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Set list from the gig:

‘Were Happening’

‘Untold youth’

‘Young Blood’

‘Outside With The Smokers’

‘Going Nowhere’

‘Guilt Trip Gun’

‘Freight Train’

‘Puppets And Parasites’

‘Dimond High’

‘Thrill Ride’

‘Finger On The Trigger’

‘Where Nothing Ever Happens’