The Cazales based in North Wales, Wrexham originally formed in 2015 and released their debut EP ‘Real Emotion’ in 2016 which was produced by Alan Smyth from 2fly studios in Sheffield. After a great start to 2019 this year so far they have headlined our first show for Scruff Of The Neck Promotions, aswell as headlining in Sheffield, Manchester and have recently released their EP ‘A Certain Quackery’.

Tom was kind enough to take some time out to answer a few questions for us, here’s what he had to say.

Growing up who was your musical influences?

I’ve been a massive Beatles fan since the age of 13, Lennon and McCartney are the reason I wanted to learn how to play guitar and start composing my own songs. The Smiths are also a huge influence for me along with Jeff Buckley and a quirky band called Dog is Dead. I try to take inspiration from all genres when writing songs.

Where do your ideas for songs come from?

As cliché as it sounds, they come from life experience whether that’s a typical heartbreak or just talking to an old man in my local over a pint. Recently, my songs have taken inspiration from certain catchphrases or words I like. For example, I like the word ‘quackery’ and I wrote ‘She Wants You Dead’ around it!

Describe your music in three words.

Energetic, Original & Playful

Any funny/interesting gig stories?

Our gigs thankfully tend to go to plan but what happens before or after can be a nightmare sometimes. One example is our headline gig in Sheffield this April; Josh (lead guitar) drove to the gig but we wanted to have a few beers so booked an apartment. On our way back to our apartment Josh realised he’d lost the keys and this was around 3am so all the band had to sleep in the back of his van for the night like it was a camping trip!

Best/worst gig?

Our best gigs have been headlining EBGBS and the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool. We took a coach of fans from Wrexham to the gigs so it was amazing to see fans from not only Liverpool come to the gig but also our hometown fans, the atmosphere at both gigs was spot on. Although this was more of a festival, we really enjoyed playing at Focus Wales this year where we supported Boy Azooga. The crowd was brilliant and it was a great weekend to watch bands from all over the world. Our worst gig was an early one for us, it was a Thursday night in Rhyl. The only people who watched us play was a man and his dog but we’re grateful for any gig we get and love performing no matter how many people watch!

What would you say the music scene is like where you’re based?

Wrexham are active in keeping the music scene and upcoming bands popular in the local area. Festivals like Focus Wales and Wrexfest are a brilliant way of showcasing new music in the town.

You have a new EP out can you tell us about it?

It’s darker than our debut EP, ‘Real Emotion’, but that was the direction my music writing took. I feel like (well I hope) I’ve grown as a songwriter and I think this is evident from ‘A Certain Quackery’. The songs are based on a variety of topics, but they are mainly based on observations of different people in my life… oh and my love of Winona Ryder.

On the EP you have a track called “She Wants You Dead” which has to be my favourite from the EP, can you tell us a bit about the song?

Two words… Winona Ryder! As a child, I fell in love with Winona Ryder after watching Edward Scissorhands. I wanted to write a song that took inspiration from her movies, hence why Lydia (Beetlejuice) wants Edward dead. The main inspiration for the song is her film ‘Heathers’, this also inspired the artwork for our EP. I’m glad Winona is back in the spotlight after her success with ‘Stranger Things’.

Do you have a favourite venue?

It’s a tough one but I think it has to be the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool. Great sound and atmosphere and we always have a good turn out there!

Tell us about your music?

We’ve once been described as a ‘brighter version of The Cure’ I’m not really sure what that means but I definitely take it as a compliment! I think we’re a mixed bag of different sounds that are relatable and easily enjoyed.

Any other gigs coming up? Plans for 2019?

We have our debut gig at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester, this is a great venue and we can’t wait to headline there on the 9th August. We’re back at West Street Live in Sheffield on the 3rd October. We also have a gig at The Peer Hat in Manchester, this is organised by Scruff of the Neck. We’d love to play more festivals in the future and record more songs so we can release our debut album.

By Siân Parker