SYŁŁØ is a Dark Blues artist from Liverpool, although he is new to the scene, he has already released his debut single ‘COLD’ which you can stream via SoundCloud by clicking here. As well as being busy releasing his debut single SYŁŁØhas also been hard at work sorting out gig’s and will be releasing a follow up single which will be released at the end of the month.

SYŁŁØ was kind enough to take some time out to answer some questions we had, here’s what he had to say. 

Growing up who was your musical influences? (What made you want to be in a band)

“I grew up listening to music my parents played round the house, which was anywhere from The Carpenters, Earth, Wind & Fire, Bowie, Guns N Roses. Bit of a mix of everything. I remember seeing my brother playing drums at a school concert when I was really young and thinking “I wannado that” so then I took up lessons when I was old enough to & it was all up from there really”

Where do your idea for songs come from?

“I write most of my tracks in stages. Usually I’ll think of ideas when I’m anywhere but my studio, be it melodies, a riff, or a chord structure, and I’ll either note things down or record myself onto my Voice Memos app. Then I’ll take any ideas into my bedroom studio and start piecing things together… usually I’ll stay up until stupid o’clock to finish what I’m working on, which I suffer for the next day, but I find doing things more organically and naturally makes for a much smoother writing experience”

Describe your music in three words.

“Dark. Brooding. Loud”

What would you say the music scene is like where you’re based? 

“The music scene in Liverpool is so varied right now, and I love that. It gives everyone a chance and it’s so welcoming to become a part of. There’s a lot of people in Liverpool who just enjoy live music and supporting upcoming artists, and I think every city needs that”

Favourite venue to play? 

“I love playing at smaller, more intimate venues. Places like Sound Basement, The Jacaranda and 81 Renshaw Street in Liverpool. I think it’s important we support and look after small independent venues in our cities”

Tell us about your music?

“My music is my sense of release. Anything I’ve felt at a certain time that I want to get off my chest, I always find writing about it helps keep me sane. And if anyone else can relate to my music then that’s the biggest reward; Songs I’ve put my emotions, feelings and soul into and audio connecting with another person”

Any gigs coming up? / Plans for 2019? 

“I’m planning on playing some shows later on in the year, but my main goal at the moment as a brand new artist is to put some tunes out and have people get to know me and my music and what I’m about”

Any other information you would like us to add to the interview?  

“Be sure to check out my soundcloud page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @iamsyllo”

By Siân Parker