Local Derbyshire Indie band The Bagatelles have recently released another single ‘Point Of View’.

Back in February this year I discovered this band and I liked what I heard, every track from their debut EP ‘More of a Statement than a Conversation’ was brilliant and I couldn’t fault anything, I quickly became hooked to the whole EP and the sound of the band.

Having listened the new single for me it stands out from all the other tracks the band have made in the past, it has more of a slower and simple sound compared to their other work, it’s built around a simple yet catchy guitar riff and some cracking lyrics and vocals. To me there is a Babybird ‘You’re Gorgeous’ sound to it but with a The Bagatelles twist, for me this single shows the band are not scared to experiment and push boundaries and they can make great music without sticking to a certain sound.

Overall another fantastic single from the band which I can not fault, great job again guys you’ve smashed it once again with this little treat for the ears.

By Siân Parker