BINES are back with a brand-new EP ‘Lay It On Me’.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since the band released their debut EP ‘The Mill’ but lads are back with another cracking EP which is a little over 19 minutes of fresh, exciting tunes with some almighty choruses and riffs.

You know when you hear a song, just the once and it gets stuck in your head all day? Well this was certainly the case when listening to all of the tracks from the band’s new EP, sometimes this is the worst thing ever! However, with these brilliant tracks that wasn’t the case.  

The track that stands out to me the most from this EP is ‘Shame’, from the first few seconds it draws you in, from its almighty chorus to its catchy riffs will no doubt have you tapping along, there is nothing I don’t love about this track. It’s just a great song to listen to and is bound to get any crowd going.

The EP is full of incredible riffs, catchy lyrics and it just has a brilliant sound, it’s a EP that is sure to get you dancing along and you fully apricate it you need to listen to this EP with your volume turned up to the max, it’s the ideal EP to have blasting out of your stereo for a long car journey, you will no doubt be singing your heart out to it.

Another fantastic EP from a talented band that are bringing back great guitar music and the Brit pop sound with a modern twist. The EP itself is well produced, full of some great vocals and guitar riffs. A great EP that you definitely need the volume turned up to the max for this EP to enjoy it, personally for me these guys are one of the most exciting guitar bands around which is needed.

A great EP from an exciting band that I can see going far!


By Siân Parker


Headline with This Feeling – Dark Room Preston Oct 11th

Nov 16th – Verve Bar Leeds

Dec 7th – Salford Lads club

Dec 21st – The Ferret Preston