I found out about Beth’s music around a month ago, the first song I listened to was ‘Barriers’ and from the moment I heard the song I was hooked. The new single ‘Barriers’ for me stands out from all the other tracks, it has more of a slower and simple sound compared to her other work but equally as good as Beth’s other singles.

‘Barriers’ is a little over 4 minutes of beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound. It has an acoustic sorrow with a hint of Nashville melodrama, the combination of guitar with Beth’s vocals is magical. It starts simply but builds and builds and is guaranteed to induce tears and awaken every hair on the back of your neck. I can imagine this song sounding great live especially in a small venue.

Overall another fantastic single which I cannot fault, great job again Beth you’ve smashed it once again with this little treat for the ears.

If you haven’t already checked out Beth’s music then you’re missing out on a treat!

By Sian Parker