Oliver Vawdrey is an indie rock solo artist from Manchester. He has recently released a new single ‘Kiss Me’.

‘Kiss Me’ is a great single, it’s a little over 3 minutes of catchy riffs and some great vocals from Oliver. It’s a bit slower to what I usually listen to, but I couldn’t help but sit there tapping along as I listened to the single. When the chorus kicks in the listener is transported to another level, you can’t help but listen to every word Oliver sing’s whilst tapping along. The first time I played this single I was in my car traveling home with my son who told me to turn the volume up whilst he tapped along, I think it’s safe to say my son is a fan.

A great single by Oliver and one you need to listen to, I can only see him getting better as time goes on and he gets more experience. A great single by a talented young guy and a guy to keep an eye out for.

By Oliver Cooper