London based Singer, Lester Franco has a reputation for spellbinding live shows and after the success of his debut album, ‘The Legba Sessions’ he has released a cover of ‘Toxic’.

Lester was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions, here’s what he had to say.

How did you first get into music?

“My love for music started when I fell in love with The Beatles, I was around 6 years old. I had my grandmother’s piano and I started to mess around with it, I then I picked up the guitar. That’s when I started really, I started to learn and practice and then I went onto work in the music business as a band manager, but I’ve always been playing and writing music. In 2013 we founded the label and started to record in my studio in Mexico and then 2 years ago I moved to the UK”

Where do your ideas for songs come from?

“I guess it’s just what comes to mind, it can be a memory or a dream or just a made-up story or a feeling, I just go along with what ever happens inside my head”

Can you describe your music in 3 words.

“That’s a tough one, no one can do that, I guess. There was on interview I did, they described it as Dark Soul which I think is kind of appropriate but yeah, I think that has to be the closes one”

Do you have any funny or interesting gig stories you can share with us?

“Yeah, in my shows in Mexico were a bit out there and I actually got banned from a few venues, I mean they were not that outrageous. I guess I’ve always been a kid so if you tell me not to do something, I will probably do it. There was burlesque, fire and contusion so some of the venues did not approve of the fire, so I managed to just get it in there, so yeah that got me banned from a few venues but hopefully that won’t happen in the UK”

What has been your favourite venue to play live so far?

“The show case, my first show in London it was at live at the manner, I lived right next to that venue. It was tough because I had only been in the Uk for 3 months and I was working 3 jobs whilst auditioning musicians and we managed to pull that gig together and it turned out really well and we got invited to play some festivals after that show”

What would you say the music scene is like in the UK?

“In the UK, I guess it’s the same in every place, it’s a tough industry and there’s not much support. I feel like now a day’s for people to be interested in you it’s not so much the quality of the music or the talent, the only thing they care about is how many likes you get on your social media pages. The only way to get known is to play live but the venues don’t make it easy by charging up front and having rules etc. I don’t have a solution to get this fixed I just have the problem”

You have recently released a cover, can you tell us more about it.

“‘Toxic’ is my cover of the Britney Spears hit single, I have always liked they lyrics of that song and I did it because someone actually dedicated that song to me so I created a cover the way I wanted it to sound dark”

Do you have anymore singles planned to be released?

“Yes, the new single will be released on the 3rd January, we kick off the tour on the 15th January in London, we will be playing in many cities across the UK. In February I will be releasing another single from another project, the past year I have been producing 3 albums which will be released in 2020″

Do you have any plans for 2020?

“I haven’t done many shows due to spending a lot of time in the studio, I have the tour in the UK planned but I am also planning some shows towards the end of next year in Mexico and sorting out a tour in America on the west side, we plan to do the tour in a horse box which should be interesting a fun”

By Siân Parker