Cumbria based musician, Mazz Marriott, has just released his brand new single ‘Bendz’. The angsty, riff heavy track is sure to go down a treat with fans of authentic, DIY punk music. Born and raised in Derbyshire, Mazz Marriott now lives in the Lake District, where he has been writing short stories, novellas and more recently, original indie-rock music. Inspired by the likes of Nirvana, Oasis and The Sex Pistols, he has just released his brand new single ‘Bendz’.

Here’s what Mazz has to say when we asked him a few question.

How did you get into music?

“I learnt to play the guitar when I was 15, I’ve always enjoyed creative writing so rather then learning other peoples songs, I’ve written my own material inspired by the 60’s music, mowtonw and as I got older matalic, guns n roses, ACDC, IROM MADEN, BON JOVI, Britpop the grunge I’m still stuck in 1997 sometimes”

Where do your ideas come from when you write new music?

“I’m not like most song writers, I don’t tend to write from my own experience, I like to creative writing so I write short stories and novels, my stores tend to be made up though”

Can you describe your music in 3 words?

“very unique, original”

Have you got a favourite venue you love to play at?

“I’ve never really venture into gigs yet, I’ve only ever done open mic nights”

What is the music scene like around the area you live?

“It’s pretty good, I’m from the lake district there is a good scene around, I think. Not being too far from Manchester too there’s a good indie scene around the surrounding area’s”

Can you tell us more about your new single?

“It’s called ‘Bendz’ its basically about when you go scuba diving, if you come up to the top of the water too quickly that’s what you get. It’s different I guess but it’s good”

Do you have any plans to releases anymore new music?

“I’ve got a new one called ‘Lost’ which is on SoundCloud, it’s a mixture of dark lyrics but a upbeat and catchy melody”

What are your plans for 2020?

“I’d like to start doing gigs, trying to get my name out there really and make more music”

Is there anymore information you would like to add to the interview?

“My music is on SoundCloud under Mazz Marriott, I’ve got 30 songs on there to pick and choose from and they are a mixture as well”

By Siân Parker