Outline are the latest group to the indie-pop mob. A band who have taken absolutely no strangers with their new release ‘Candid’. Straight off the back of several other solid tracks, the UK based four-piece are not shy to flaunt their talent. 

‘Candid’ is a track which follows around a person suffering a breakup; this could be the lead singer. It’s the expressive syntax which does it for me. The words are neatly chosen and express how hard it is to witness an ex-partner moving on. As a result, the person in question has their ex always wandering around their mind. We have all been there at some point, whether it is an ex or someone you have a crush on, right? 

The mix is tight but boasts a little too much high end in places for me. However, the bass on the other end is sublime and when played with a decent set of speakers stands out vividly. It does nevertheless get lost when played on your average set of speakers like a laptop speaker. Mind you; you should not be listening to music like that anyway, in my opinion, because it will not compare to a quality speaker setup. 

Well, the track is a definite winner in my eyes although it is not a sound which is entirely fresh to me. I have heard many bands delving into this area of the indie-pop realm, yet it is rare to see a group rise to the occasion as well as Outline have. They follow in the footsteps of fellow indie-pop legends likes of ‘The 1975’, but they bring a new edge to the scene too. 
It is a top track from a top bunch of lads. Also, although it has boy bandy feel it does have raw and grit to it too.

By Dodgem