Worry Party are an infectious indie pop four-piece, based in the North East, UK. They’re beginning to make waves across the music scene. Their exciting new release is an EP entitled ‘Souvenirs’ which was released back in March.

This was the first time I was hearing any tracks made by Worry Party and I was not disappointed with what I heard from the new EP. It’s not usually the sort of music I would listen to, but there was something about this EP that caught my attention and I enjoyed listening to the EP on my morning walks.

My personal favourite track would be ‘Beach Blood’, the song goes through the struggles to find a sense of belonging and it really got me thinking whilst I was listening to this on my walk. I found myself listening to every word in this track.

The bands soft pop sound is an absolute joy to listen to, what I also love about the EP is the mixture of topics each track focus on, from relationships to sense of belonging there is something I’m sure everyone can relate to. The band have written and produced a great EP and I can’t wait to hear more from this band.


By Ollie Cooper