Rachel grew up in a musical family with both her brother and father also being musicians. She went on to perform in a professional children’s choir touring and sharing stages with the world’s best choirs. Rachel moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and began her music career leading the bands Pigs (Dave Sender of Union 13) and Baxter House. After a long hiatus, Mintz embarked on her solo journey.

The latest EP is a little over 22 minutes of pure talent & fresh sounds that I’m sure you will enjoy listening to. The EP itself has been well produced and is full of some great vocals by Rachel who you can tell has put a lot of passion and attention to detail in this EP.

My favourite track from the EP is ‘Fraud’, from the first few seconds the combination of an upbeat tones and Rachels’s vocals had caught my attention. It’s just a great song to listen to and has been on my daily walk playlist since I first played it.

You need to listen to it to find out for yourself how good this EP is. A talented singer who I can’t wait to hear more from.

By Oliver Cooper