A 3-piece jazz/soul-hip hop band from Norwich.

Let me start off my review of this brilliant track by saying WOW, this has to be some of the best vocals I’ve heard in a very long time. Credit where it’s due to lead singer and guitarist Dan, his beautiful soft tones are a joy to listen to. These boys are definitely trying to separate themselves from the rest of the bands around at the minute with their sound and I’d say they’re doing a grand job. 

This wonderfully imaginative written piece and Dan’s soulful voice gives off a story of how cruel British society is portrayed nowadays as to when I was maybe growing up and everyone knew each other and kids were safe to go out till whatever time at night and no one would bat an eye lid. Lyrics like ‘I won’t greet my children in a world that has forgotten time’ and ‘Iron fists are weak, we the people are under siege’ are incredible bits of writing if I say so myself and definitely give off that vibe that our streets aren’t safe at all anymore. The little rap half way through is genius aswell, really enjoyed that so fair play for mixing it up. 

This genre of music is something that I’ve never fallen in love with I’ll be honest, but these guys have changed my mind with this tune. 

Absolute pleasure of a track to review, well done chaps and good luck for the future.

Peace & Love