Here’s a treat for your ears, Spilt Milk are an Indie rock group made up of triplet brothers Oscar, Isaac and Theo and their friend Thomas have released a new single today which is called ‘Moving Target’.

Having only recently finding out about this band I was looking forward to hearing the bands new single. When finding a new band to listen to I like to go and listen to their music without any expectations and just hope I like what I hear, well let’s put it this way this single did not disappoint and I instantly loved what I was hearing.

Having listened to this single quite a few times now there is nothing I can fault with it. I feel it has everything I would want to hear from an instantly memorable classic indie track, from the opening verses your transported to another level with the incorporation of strings, drums, vocals and relatable lyrics. The chorus will no doubt have you singing along. – a basic guarantee that it will be a success live with a crowd’s backing, for me it has that summer/festival sound to it which we all love and I feel we all kind of need to hear during this very strange time we are going through. It is a quality song that you can tell has been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail.

A great treat for the ears from a talented young band that I look forward to hearing more music from in the future.


By Siân Parker