A band of triplet brothers from Gateshead and their friend from Hexham are not letting the current lockdown get in the way of their ambition. Their band “Spilt Milk” have release their second single ‘Moving Target’ which is now available to listen to.

Oscar, Isaac, Theo and Thomas were kind enough to take some time out of their busy schedules to have a chat with myself and answer some questions, here’s what they had to say.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about the band?

Oscar – “We’re brothers and we were in a little band called ‘Trilogy’ for a while, we met Thomas in our mutual friends Living room at a Halloween party and we just started to randomly jam and we thought something could come of this, it sort of had an instant connection and we thought we’d make a band and call it Spilt Milk”

Thomas – “I think they were trying to get away from the whole ‘Trilogy’ thing as that wasn’t the music they wanted to play for the rest of their lives. It was very acoustic based, and they wanted to push into more heaver rocker vibes”

Oscar – “Thomas was our saviour really”

Isaac – “Absolutely Thomas helped us out massively. We did our first gig in January in a small venue in Newcastle supporting for a band”

Thomas – “That was 2019, So just over a year now we been gigging”

Oscar – “We played some festivals and we opened the show at Newcastle pride, we kind had some firework festivals we booked around the 5th November”

Theo – “Yeah, that’s usually when they happen”

Oscar – “By the start of 2020 we did our first headline show which we over sold it out”

Thomas – “I think it was a year and one day under the time we did our first gig”

Oscar – “We were going to a year to the day, but Slipknot were playing the night before”

Theo – “So we didn’t want to steal all their crowd of them, so we did the day after”

Who were your musical influences growing up?

Oscar – “I’d say from the start we were all really big Beatles fans, I guess they are easy listening pop music so its really good to draw you in from an early age and that made me think I want that sort of fame and I want to write my own really cool songs”

Theo – “I’ve always been a massive Queen fan, that’s helped a lot with song writing trying to build in complex and big sounding harmonies lines. I have always listened to Queen and loved the idea how they can take a melody and project it into something bigger than what that original melody was”

Isaac – “But we only really kind of discovered Indie music later on, well I found a friend on an exchange trip to Japan who introduced me to like Oasis, Catfish And The Bottlemen, The Kooks and The Arctic Monkeys all the greatest indie bands of all time”

Thomas – “It all came at different stages of our life’s really, for me although I only met them recently I started to like them bands but I didn’t really start to listen to The Beatles I started to listen to Foo Fighters, Nirvana and I was 10 years old and that’s how I got into the scene.

Oscar – “I think that helps, even with our original songs it has that catchy pop melody and tunes people can sing back but with the heavy guitar and drums you find in the two-separate genres”

Thomas – “When we all work on a song together, we use our on influence to drive that song into various different places to make it broad sounding as we can”

What has been your favourite gig you have played so far?

Isaac – “I really liked when we played Stockton Firework Festival because we were told after we got of stage there was 1500 people in the audience when played”

Thomas – “That was probably the biggest one we’ve played it was a BBC run event, it was directly linked to BBC Introducing but the whole event was put on by the BBC”

Oscar – “It was great exposure, at one point we asked to take a photo and for everyone to put their torches  lights on their phones on and instantly this huge sea of lights appeared, it was like a stadium rock level”

Isaac – “For a new band it was madness”

Oscar – “Considering we hadn’t even been playing gigs for a year that was the card we were dealt with we were grateful for the opportunity”

Thomas – “I think equally there’s nothing that will ever top when you play to a group of people that you know have brought tickets to see you, our first headline show that we put on in January we had more or less 300 people there, I think it was slightly over sold”

Theo – “He says without bragging”

Thomas – “There’s a lot of things that are good about playing to a huge group of people but there’s equally good things that are good to play to people that know your songs and have paid to come and see you”

Oscar – “I find it crazy in parts when we get to certain parts of songs and the crowd are singing the lyrics back and some of the song’s haven’t even been realised yet but they may have seen a live cover of it. I mean sometimes I don’t even remember the lyrics and they know them for me so that is a bonus”

Isaac – “We were supposed to headline a show in Stockton on May 9th but because of the situation at the moment we’ve had to postpone”

Thomas – “It’s now schedule for November but one of the points of doing that gig was off the back of the festival to see how much exposure it gave us”

You have a new single ‘Moving Target’, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Isaac – “The single was based off a night out we all had at one of our friends 18th birthday party at this absolute dive of a venue in the roughest part of Gateshead you will see in your life. I don’t like to say it is a tale or rejection, but it really is”

Oscar – “It’s about Isaac doesn’t have the best of luck with girls so we form songs around it, we need to stop teasing him about it, but we probably won’t”

Isaac – “What was interesting about that was I kind of written the instrumental part of that song before the party and as soon as I got home, I wrote down some lyrics and it was the one”

Theo – “One thing I like about the song it just tells the story in chorology order, it’s very straight forward and say’s what happened that night and Isaac did very well with the lyrics”

Oscar – “It’s something a lot of people can relate to as well and enjoy, we really wanted highlight the youth culture of the UK surrounding relationships, rejection and parties and feeling you have to be involved in the scene. If we had stayed at home that night and missed it, you’ve got to go out there and experience it”

Can you describe your music in three words?

Oscar – “Guitar…”

Theo – “Guitar! No..”

Isaac – “Be more imaginative, Energetic, relatable….”

Oscar – “Yes! Relatable is a good word”

Isaac – “Energetic, exciting and relatable”

Thomas – “Energetic was the word I was thinking of”

What do you think makes your band stand out from others?

Isaac – “One thing I like about our band is we are all singer that’s one thing I think is missing from the indie scene as a band usually just has the one lead singer because they he a distractive voice. We have been able to sing in close harmonies since we were very young and Thomas is a great singer and does bass parts brilliant that just fits great and I think it just makes the chorus sound so much bigger having four voices instead of just one”

Oscar – “It adds a wall of sound and that harmony brings so much more to a song and we try and a harmony doesn’t have to be something that so delicate and intimate it can be so much powerful than most people use it and can add so much to a song and build up a chorus”

Thomas – “I think the closeness in us, especially with triplets is quite significant and helps with the whole chemistry and harmony thing. They have been singing together since they were born, they’ve grown up doing it”

Theo – “We came out the womb singing harmonies”

Isaac – “I think it helps us stand out in the local scene is our band name surrounds milk”

Oscar – “It’s from one of my favourite ever albums, which was a band called Jellyfish did an album called ‘Spilt Milk’ which is an incredible pop rock album and no one had ever really heard of it. I guess it got missed because it was in the era of Britpop, so we really wanted to give it some credit”

Do you have any plans after lockdown is over?

Oscar – “We are doing a festival towards the end of the year called ‘Hit the North’ that’s going to be a huge gig for us, most famous north east bands play that festival. You have got the likes of DMA’S, The Amazons and the Arcades”

Isaac – “There also acts we’d want to go and see there”

Theo – “Bands we inspire to be like”

Thomas – “It’s one of the main festivals in the North east and we are very lucky to be asked to play but we also have some support slots, the biggest one we are doing is The Lottery Winners who have recently just released their debut album”

Theo – “It’s a top 10 album”

Thomas – “It was, we are supporting them on their Newcastle show in November”

Oscar – “We were very busy throughout the year with gigs etc and now its all been pushed back we are just going to be double busy”

Isaac – “We’ve also been writing songs too during lockdown but we’ve also been doing FaceBook lives as a three piece or sometimes Thomas sends over a bass track that we play along, they are called ‘Semi skin sessions’, we do covers and showcase some of our original songs and that has been helping us keep entertained”

Thomas – “It’s difficult as we are separated in isolation but I pre record the bass line they can play along live. It’s a way that we are keeping busy through this time when the music industry has basically come to a stop, it’s a way we can keep our fans entertain and a way we can still send music out. I think even after lockdown we will try to keep doing a few Semi Skin Sessions”

Oscar – “It’s sort of sad times at the moment and we want to be able to put a smile on people’s faces and get people dancing in their livings rooms, we want to bring the atmosphere of the venue in the people’s houses”

Isaac – “With less of the sweat and smells and ears ringing after”

If you had to be remembered for one thing apart from your music what would you like it to be?

Theo – “Ridiculously good looks”

Isaac – “Probably just being around the scene, I think one of the biggest idols we look up to is Sam Fender the way he was able to energise the record labels in the north together”

Oscar – “He was a big influencer, a kid from a council estate and how he’s brought the north together really, he’s showed kids it’s cool to be in a rock band”

Theo – “I agree, we want to be able to be a part of that”

Do you feel there is enough help around your area to help local bands?

Oscar – “I suppose there will be a time where we will branch out but we feel the north east scene is the strongest scene, everyone supports local music and live music is a big thing in Newcastle and it isn’t shown as much”

Isaac – “We’ve got the venues and the passion is there I think it’s just about the local bands seek out what the scene can offer”

Thomas – “It’s a strong scene, I think in a way it’s a part of the north’s culture”

Is there any information you would like to add to the interview?

Oscar – “A music video for the new single has been released and is available to watch on our YouTube channel”

By Siân Parker