PleasePrettyLea is a 28 year old singer from Dudley in the West Midlands. She currently has three songs out on all digital platforms “reasons” being the latest release.

“I don’t really like to speak about what the song is about as I like to hear peoples own interpretation of the song, but I wrote Reasons in 2018 when I was going through a traumatic phase in my life full of chaotic highs and extreme lows”.

Listening to the track to me it tells a story about a relationship that seems a little toxic, it tells the story and feelings which is not an easy thing to tell or put into a song and I guess we can all relate to some of the lyrics. The single is full of amazing vocals which capture your attention within the first few seconds of the track. To me it’s a single about finally admitting things that you probably tried to deny were true but now you can see they were true.

A great single.


By Ollie Cooper