Ah, Home State. Where do I start? The new track has heaps of selling points. I first received this track only a few days ago, and for me, it feels like I have been listening to this record for years. It is most likely the infectious chorus which has been spinning around in my head for days. Therefore hats off to the group for crafting a hugely memorable track. 

For all the right reasons, this track deserves a listen. It is oozing with conviction, and from the get-go, you can instantly realise that the New York group are not new to the party. They have cleverly developed their sound over the last few years, and the hard work is paying off. It could be their best yet. 

Musically, very likeable. It includes some of the best styles in the industry today. Also, being an ex keys player, I love to hear the keys taking an upfront position. The drums are thumping, the bass is tight, and everything comes together in harmony, leaving no room for dissonance. The vocals are a highlight in the release. Although, not a vocal you will most likely hear elsewhere in the rock scene. They delve more into the pop space and take them out of the mix and add them into a poppier track and I doubt they would sit hugely out of place. But, that is not a bad thing, and the vocals do provide vast amounts of force to the track. 

I cannot pinpoint an artist who sounds precisely similar to the sound which Home State are creating at the moment. But, one element which seemed familiar is the keys. The melody sounds very similar to the tune on U2’s track ‘This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now’. 

By Dodgem