The Racketeers have released their second album ‘Toothache’, the album is a mix of different styles but it draws a lot of influence from raw 60s R&B, shoegaze and indie. The songs are about different aspects of life and growing up. The band say “As well as just making us laugh, we thought the cover picture and the name toothache fitted well because a lot of the things you start to do in your 20s are actually terrible for you and the world as a whole but you still do them because they feel good at the time. You can get enticed by lots of sweet stuff but end up with a weird feeling that something’s wrong”.

What I instantly learnt from listening to the album is the band are not afraid to mix up what they do. They have created an incredibly impressive set of songs that have that The Racketeers vibe, each song shows the band know how to put a great song together. In all honesty I was a little surprised with the range of sounds each song has and how each song makes you feel totally different to the previous song. They all have great lyrics and the band have proven then can play all have great words – these are words to listen to properly and I love the fact that there’s an edge of rawness, a looseness, a refusal to make it perfect.

The track that really stood out to me was the lead single from the album ‘Sundown’, it may start slow and a little moody but the chorus has a mixture of different sounds with a strong melody. I got Beach Boys vibe from this track as well as an early Brit-pop sound which I’m not complaining about. There is just something about it that really grabbed my attention and I really loved listening to it, it’s chatchy with some great vocals and guitar riffs that you will love hearing.

A great album from a talented band that mean business and are not afraid to stand out.


By Siân Parker