The Cazales based in North Wales, Wrexham originally formed in 2015 and released their debut EP ‘Real Emotion’ in 2016 which was produced by Alan Smyth from 2fly studios in Sheffield. After a great start to 2019 this year so far they have headlined our first show for Scruff Of The Neck Promotions, aswell as headlining in Sheffield, Manchester and have recently released their EP ‘A Certain Quackery’. On May 15th they released their single which is titled ‘Woe is Me’ which is available on all major stores. The video which was a lockdown version was produced by their very own Josh O’Brien.

I love this single, what instantly grabbed my attention was the upbeat vibe and the amazing vocals, from the first few seconds of listening to the single it instantly had my full attention and was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. They have managed to create a single which instantly grabs your attention with it mixture of sounds and lyrics and have proven that they can create a brilliant single. From the strong melody to the guitar riffs there was nothing I didn’t love about this single.

A great single that you need to check out for yourself.


By Siân Parker