Danny Smart combines country with contemporary rock perfectly. He has all the qualities of a major country artist, but he also has a Rocky edgy which makes his new release ’She’s Mine’ quite a delightful listen. 

What I love most about Country Rock is that we get massive amounts of flavour. ’She’s Mine’ is flavour rich and not only comes with a top-quality vocal performance from the Barnsley based musician. But, we hear likeability within the music sections too. 

He sings with full emotion. He does not hold back, and that is what I relish the most. He also gives a performance which you know he means. It is an electrified vocal with the singer delving into a wide range of octaves proving his quality at the mic. He is all the guitar player on the record, which is surprising because it is not often we hear the same individual performing such a stand out vocal and unforgettable guitar lead at the same time. As a result, it is hard to imagine it all comes from the lead singer himself, who has enormous amounts of guitar talent. 

Is the track his best to date? I would probably have to say yes. His previously released do have flair and follow a similar vibe, but this one sticks out as a hit. It has a Nashville vibe but yet you do not think that you have just put on a Nashville compilation l.p. He also has given a northern touch to it within his vocals, and although it is hard to locate his accent from his vocals, there is a Barnsley edge shining through. 

You can listen to ‘She’s Mine’ by Danny Smart below. I doubt you will be disappointed if you love Country Rock. Also, check him out on his official social media accounts. 

By Dodgem