This Modern Hope is a solo project by Rob Payne based in Uxbridge, west London. Influences include Doves, Stone Roses, La’s, Coral, Oasis, Cast, Shack to name a few, the tune is called ‘Way of Life’ which is available to listen to now.

What I love about this single is the chilled, simple yet catchy sound that works so well with the vocals, it still manages to grab your full attention and you can’t help but stop what you are doing and listen to every word in this single. The vocals are fantastic and they really grab your attention and make you listen, for me I get a little bit of an Elbow vibe from them which I won’t complain about as who doesn’t love a bit of Elbow. They have created an incredibly impressive single that has their own unique sound, but you can still hear bits of the influences throughout the single.

In all honestly I was very surprised with how much I loved this single after only listening to it a few times. It starts simply but builds and builds and is guaranteed to awaken every hair on the back of your neck. The perfect song to listen to in this beautiful weather we are experiencing at the moment.


By Siân Parker