The second collaboration with producer Jon Withnall, ‘These Things (Baby I Know), like his first single, blends heavy fuzz guitar with spacey synth overtones and cements Dr Orange’s moon-rock sound. Following the success of the debut single (Comes in Threes) Liverpool artist Dr Orange returns with his second single ‘These Things (Baby I Know)’ which you can listen to on all major platforms followed by a music video on June 5th. Opposed to the current situation stagnating the release of music Dr Orange has used it as a career kickstart opportunity and ‘These Things (Baby I Know) arrives only 7 weeks after he first broke onto the scene. Of ‘These Things (Baby I Know)’ Dr Orange said ‘Lyrically the song is very simple. It’s about going out and getting silly whilst your other half is at home. The song sounds like it was recorded on the moon though which is cool.’

What instantly grabs my attention is the 60’s rock n roll feel I get from listening to the single with a slightly modern twist. I also love how Dr Orange manages to create catchy lyrics and tell a story and I feel we can all relate to. The space synth overtones with the vocals and guitar riffs really make this single special, it instantly grabs your attention. It’s a quality song that you can tell has been put together with a lot of attention to detail.

An instant memorable single from a talented singer/songwriter that you need to go and listen to.


By Siân Parker