An exciting new, breakthrough band from the South West featuring a new-wave indie/alternative sound, coupled with poetic and relatable lyrics. Pentire is made up of Jack, Owen, Ryan and Josh and have been described as ‘ones to watch’ in the near future.

This indie rock tune I feel would sound perfect at a festival, it has that sound to it that you know would be ideal to get the crowd dancing around and singling along word for word. Their energy, magic and creativity along with the unique styling of this young band and how they played their instruments really makes them stand out from other bands in the same scene as them.

It’s catchy lyrics will have you singing along and upbeat feel to the song will just cheer you up and more than likely will make you wish you was at a festival (which will hopefully happen soon). The band have managed to produce an instant memorable single which is filled with indie pop sounds and indie rock vibes.

A great single from a band I can see making some huge musical waves in the scene.


By Siân Parker