Queensway are a four piece indie punk rock band formed in February 2019 in Essex. After winning THE BASEMENT DOORS battle of the bands they went on to release their debut single “QUEENSWAY” recorded at PANIC BUTTON STUDIOS with previous THE CURE and DEPECHE MODE producer STEVE LYON. Queensway in their own words write songs about the things people can relate to. They have also released a new single ‘Charity Shop Rock’ which is now available to listen to on Spotify.

This punk rock tune will no doubt get you up onto your feet and dancing around like you was at one of the band’s gigs, it’s the ideal song to get the crowd dancing around and singling along word for word. I feel it’s one of them songs where you have to listen to it with your volume turned up to the max to fully appreciate it.

A single which is full of energy and some catchy lyrics and great vocals, this single has been put together really well and shows off the bands unique sound. A single that will no doubt get stuck in your head, but you will love it.


By Siân Parker