Near Death Experience are the talk of the town at the moment. Why? Because their new release ‘Conquer’ is a pure indie gem with plenty of talking points. 

It is a release which follows a typical indie structure but yet there is so much on offer here that it is hard to resist its quality. We hear the lead singer ‘Ian’ deliver a raw vocal performance, and I enjoy the passion and emotion which he conveys throughout. The music is a strong selling point for the piece too. It does not sound like a band who have recently formed; they sound like they have been playing together for years and I am surprised to see so little within their discography. 

But, they are hitting all the right notes on ‘Conquer’. It is not a prototype sound, and there is nothing you probably have not heard before but what they do is churn out an anthem. It has a pure stadium-quality and detonate this on the Glastonbury mainstage, and I can only imagine how colossal the crowd reaction would be. 

‘Conquer’ reminds me of 60s and 70s rock combined. It is almost like taking the best artists of those decades and blending them into one. But, there is also a 90’s indie quality poking out too. Put it this way, it does not sound similar to anything out in the charts today, and that is what makes it such a delightful listen.

Overall, it is a powerful release from the indie group, and it deserves the recognition which it is getting. But, it would be best if you played this one loud. So, turn up the volume and let Near Death Experience take you on a rock and roll adventure. But, fasten your seatbelts because they move fast. 

You can listen to ‘Conquer’ by Near Death Experience below. 


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By Dodgem