Calboa is one of Hulls finest music exports. We hear a lot of talk about The Housemartins and Mick Ronson hailing from the ex-city of culture, but we are probably going to hear a lot more of Calboa too as we progress into the year.

He is fresh on the scene but making a bang with each release he drops. We have already had the pleasure of listening to his previous release ‘Same Shhh’, but he has improved even more on ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’. 

It is a track which follows a typical indie structure. Therefore, expect to hear feel-good indie riffs and a steady backbeat. It reminds me of a lot of the recent releases from ‘Circa Waves’. They both have that flavour which grips and for any indie lover, this one will please your ears. Vocally, Calboa is probably at his best on this track. It is durable and captivates with smart infectious melodies. Also, I relish the addition of backing vocals on this piece. They were not hugely audible on his previous track but on this one he has hit the nail on the head with the use of backing. It adds to the atmosphere and the stereo effect created from the backing singer works well so well on this type of track.

The chorus stands out to me as being one of the most beautiful indie choruses of recent times. It is bold and relatable and also one which will be chanted around festivals at rapid speed if he graces the festival stage. Overall, it is a very inspiring release form the up and coming indie name. He has taken influence but yet crafted something unique to himself, and I have to take my hat off to him for his songwriting approach. Great job. You can listen to ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’ below. 






By Dodgem