4-piece band from Birmingham made up by lead Noah (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Seb (Bass), Jake (Lead guitarist), Ewan (Drums). The band have recently released a new single ‘Propaganda’ which is now available to listen to on all major music platforms.

If you love bands who create singles that you will instantly love and who are not afraid to mix it up a little, then this is the perfect band for you. They have managed to create a single that is packed full of energy and talent. It will have you jumping around as you listen to this track and I have no doubt that it would be an instant favourite at one of the bands gigs.

When I listen to a new song it must grab my attention in the first few seconds, it must have something that makes me want to continue to listen to the track. This single did that with ease, the edge of rawness mixed with the combination of strings, drums and vocals had my full attention and I was left wanting to hear more from this band.

They have created an impressive single, form the lyrics to sound there is nothing I did not love about this brilliant single. This was the first single I had heard from this band and I loved what I heard, it is a track that is definitely up my street and one that I will be playing on repeat for a while.

Great job guys, I love it!

By Ollie Cooper